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[Editor’s column]How to choose a used car? “ZRX1100/1200R/1200DAEG”


In addition to introducing the basic specifications and equipment of the car itself, this special feature will also compare the characteristics of each car model, the riding feeling on the mini-track, and the test ride conditions, etc., and send a test ride report for everyone; this time I will give it to everyone The one above is “KAWASAKI ZRX Special!”, and the test rides are compared with ZRX1100, ZRX1200R and ZRX1200DAEG.

Test ride vehicle①ZRX1100

The ZRX1100, launched in 1996, is equipped with a 1052cc water-cooled parallel four-cylinder engine. The engine is based on the ZZR1100 and its power curve is adjusted to a more low-to-medium speed range.

ZRX1100 has a compact, lightweight and mobile body, which looks reminiscent of Z1000R Lawson.

Test vehicle ②ZRX1200R

The ZRX1200R is a model launched in 2001 after expanding the engine displacement of the ZRX1100 to 1164cc. Although the body is based on the ZRX1100, KAWASAKI has improved its frame and rear rocker arm, and the front brake is equipped with six-piston calipers. The performance is smoother and more stable.

Test vehicle ③ZRX1200DAEG (ZRX1200 DAEG)

The ZRX1200DAEG was launched on the market in 2009. Compared with the models sold outside Japan by the ZRX1100 and ZRX1200R, the DAEG is a Japanese-standard model only sold in Japan.

From urban travel to winding mountain roads and high-speed riding, ZRX1200DAEG can adapt to various road conditions and traffic in Japan, and as long as the rider actively turns the throttle, he can enjoy the riding pleasure brought by 110ps maximum horsepower.

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