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Editing PDF files on PC is easy


PDF24 It’s a senior online PDF editing service and it also supports the desktop version for free. This good desktop PDF24 will be introduced in turn below.

First, you need to download and install PDF24 on your computer according to the link this. This software supports multiple versions (Windows 10, Windows 10 and earlier versions only) for personal and business users.

During the installation, PDF24 will have the option of setting the program as the default PDF reader. You just need to uncheck Register PDF reader.

Start the software, PDF24 Launcher window appears with editing features. In this article, I implemented in Vietnamese language interface, so if you want, click Settings > select Vietnamese in Language> OK then close and reopen.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 2 software

1. PDF creator:

This feature allows you to create, edit PDFs and save them at a custom quality level.

– First, you select the file that constitutes PDF on your computer.

  • Click Add files (to the left of the floppy disk icon).
  • Drag and drop files into the black frame on the right.
  • Select files from the tree on the left edge.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 software 3

The files you choose can be PDF, TXT, image.

– Then, you arrange the file corresponding to its position to appear on the PDF.

If the files you choose are divided into several rows, drag and drop them into the same row, the rest of the rows are deleted.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 software 4

– If it is a PDF file and there is an error page that you want to delete, right-click will see the option to perform and many other options such as rotating the page, adding blank pages before and after.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 software 5

– Satisfied, you click the floppy disk icon> choose the publishing quality for the file> name and choose where to save. The generated file is in PDF format.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 software 6

Or press Customization to choose the output format and use more functions such as signature, add sauce, create copyright, … Then press Continue > name and choose where to save.

2. File tool:

Contains many child editing tools for you.

– Open in Creator: Allows you to open PDF files in the software’s editor.

– Print PDF: Allows you to print PDF to paper.

– Matching: Allows to create new PDF files that are merged from 2 or more PDF files together.

– Compression: Allows to reduce the size of PDF files with image quality, DPI options.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 7 software

– Send by email: Allow suitable PDF compression when sending via email.

– Send by Fax: Convert PDF to Fax format and send Fax via PDF24 fax service.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 8 software

– Switch to…: Allows you to set the output PDF format and properties in the Format Properties window.

– Convert to PDF: Allows you to convert plain text, images to PDF.

– Convert to PDF online: Perform conversion to PDF on the online version of PDF24 in the browser.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 9 software

– Application profile: Allows you to save the PDF with the saved property profile.

– Optimized for web: PDF compression has optimal quality when publishing and sharing on the web.

– Export page: You can extract all the pages or just the desired mnog page in the PDF.

– Split page by page: Allows extracting all pages to a directory.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 10 software

– Lock PDF: You can password protect against opening PDF views with high encryption.

– Unlock PDF: Allows to remove the password protection of the PDF and save it as a new file.

Document recognition: Allows to create PDF from text extracted on images.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 11 software

Before proceeding, you press the plus button to select the PDF files. There is a point I don’t like is having to re-select files when using other editing features.

3. PDF reader:

You click to open your PDF document in the software’s reading interface. It is quite simple, does not have many features, I see the function of printing, page rotation.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 software 12

4. Open the PDF tool:

You click to open the web version PDF24 in the system default web browser.

5. Online PDF Converter:

Convert documents, documents to PDF and vice versa on the online version of PDF24.

6. Capture Screen:

Allows optional screen capture and print, copy, open with the editor after capturing is complete. You can do this from the software’s icon in the system tray.

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 software 13

The software works in the system tray, if you close the window and want to reopen it, right-click on the PDF24 icon> select Open the PDF24 Creator.

How to edit PDF in Windows using PDF24 14 software

PDF24 is a good PDF editing software, it has unlimited features like some programs. But it has one annoying point of not keeping the file for later editing tools. So for your convenience, you can open and edit PDF with the PDF24 option in the File Explorer right-click menu (right click on the PDF file will see the PDF24 option for you to open the file with the software).

How to edit PDF on Windows using PDF24 software 15

Note: If you want to limit the editing features of the software, open it Settings> Features to subtract. PDF24 desktop version has limited editing features compared to the web version so if you want to use the online version then go to here.


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