Edit photos with Photoshop on iPhone

Edit photos with Photoshop on iPhone

Photoshop Express, Photo Fix, and Photoshop Mix are three popular Photoshop apps for iOS devices. Use each application for its own specific purposes. The following article ElectrodealPro will guide you how to edit photos in Photoshop on iPhone using these applications.

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Instead of using Photoshop CC on a computer, you can perform photo editing with Photoshop on your iPhone conveniently and also quite simply according to the instructions below.

Note: You will have to use an Adobe Creative Cloud account to use some of the features listed below by ElectrodealPro.

Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are looking for a powerful photo editing app, Adobe Photoshop Express will be the first choice for you. This isn’t the only Photoshop photo editing app on the iPhone, and requires a Creative Cloud account to use some of the features.

Download and install Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone here: Download Photoshop Express for iPhone

Edit photoshop bang on iphone

Here’s what Photoshop Express offers users:

Basic editing: Crop, straighten and rotate the image.

– Brightness: Adjust exposure, contrast, brightness, shadow, and white and black in the photo. With just 1 click to adjust contrast, exposure and white balance automatically.
– Color: Adjust temperature, hue, vibration and saturation.
– Effect: Adjust the transparency and blur the image. However, this feature is only available to registered Adobe Creative Cloud users.
– Detail: Sharpen the image. Adobe Creative Cloud users can also reduce glare and noise.
– Edit: Fix red eyes and pet eyes. If you are looking for more advanced editing features, you can find it in Photoshop Fix.
– Add text: This feature is only available to Creative Cloud registered users, you can add text to images using the pre-arranged layouts provided by Adobe. This feature is useful for graphic creation, but if you want more control over how text is added to your images, you have the option of Photoshop Mix.
– Frames: Choose multiple frames, split, collage to add to your photo.
– Blemish Removal: Simply remove unwanted parts.
– Filter: Choose from 45 photo filters for quick retouching of your photos, including portrait and nature photography filters, and several others.
– File format: Supports raw and TIFF files.
– Collage: Automatically create collages with edited photo in grid and shape in Photoshop. Choose reasonable proportions, add stickers, border and background for the image.
– Share photos on social networks: Just 1 click on Photoshop Express to share photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and WhatsApp.
– Watermark: Add watermark to your photo.
– Creative Cloud integration: Save your photos to your Creative Cloud account.

Retouch photo: Adobe Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix Designed primarily for portrait photographers and offers users more retouch-oriented options. Users must sign up for a free Adobe Creative Cloud account to use Photoshop Fix.

Edit photoshop bang on iphone 2

– Basic editing: Adjust contrast, exposure, color temperature, saturation, shadow and highlight.
– Healing: Fix unwanted parts, remove objects with Clone Stamp, Spot Heal and Patch feature. Additionally, users can fix red eye with just one click.
– Smooth and sharpen photos: Drag your finger over the photo area to smooth and sharpen the photo. You can adjust brush size, hardness and opacity. Undo the changes using the Restore option.
– Lighten and darken: Drag your finger over the photo area to lighten or darken the photo. Undo the changes using the Restore option.
– Liquify: This option may magnify certain features. Abusing the option can distort your image.
– Defocus: Creates a fake depth of field. Drag your finger over photo areas where you don’t want to focus or blur.
– Save and share: Save the final image after editing is done on your device or Creative Cloud library or Lightroom library, share photos on Instagram, Facebook or Behance or send to Photoshop CS with protected edits as layer.

Download and install Adobe Photoshop Fix for iPhone here: Download Photoshop Fix for iPhone

Photo blending: Adobe Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix also requires users to have a free Creative Cloud account. The application allows users to easily create graphics and share online.

Edit photoshop bang on iphone 3

Add text: Add text to your images with different fonts. You have complete control over position, text size, color, and alignment.
Collage: You can easily blend 2 images together. The app allows users to remove a white background from one image to add to another, or use blending features to stitch two photos together.
Delete objects: App features can be used to remove objects from photos.
Basic editing: Adjust color, contrast and apply presets.

Download and install Adobe Photoshop Mix for iPhone here: Download Photoshop Mix for iPhone

If you are interested in Photoshop applications related to animation features, instead of basic editing features, you can choose to use Adobe Sketch for iOS.

Download and install Adobe Sketch for iPhone here: Download Adobe Sketch for iPhone

Above is how to edit photos with Photoshop on iPhone. Are you using Adobe’s photo editing app on iPhone? Share your opinion for ElectrodealPro.


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