Edelkrone Stop Motion Module for HeadPLUS & Dragonframe Integration

Edelkrone Stop Motion Module for HeadPLUS & Dragonframe Integration

Edelkrone has released a new Stop Motion Module for the HeadPLUS system that provides Dragonframe integration.

Using the edelkrone app, you can still create stop motion films but using it with Dragonframe is where you can really unlock the potential of the motion control system, using the SliderPlus, Slide Module & HeadPlus Pro.

Key features

  • Enables you to control your HeadPLUS or HeadPLUS PRO through any PC (Windows/Linux) or Mac. (Dragonframe animation software is required. Stop motion only.)
  • Connects to your computer via USB port. (Cables and USB Type-C adapter included.)
  • Focus can be adjusted with the knob located on Stop Motion Module, giving you ultra-precise and real-time feedback. (Focus Module for HeadPLUS or HeadPLUS PRO is required.)
  • Durable, CNC machined aluminum body

Dragonframe Integration

With the Stop Motion Module, the complete setup can be programmed and controlled with the Dragonframe animation software.

Dragonframe has been used on many features and independent films which streamlines the stop motion process.

Dragonframe retails for USD $295 with the USB controller or $305 with the Bluetooth controller.

Stop Motion Streamlined

When using Dragonframe, the keyframes can be programmed by physically placing the camera into position, giving a real-time view without having to manually draw keyframes on the cart.

You can also set your focus using the weel controller on the module.

Pricing & Availability

The Stop Motion module will retail for EUR 89€ and is set to ship in one week.

Edelkrone has a few bundles for the SliderPLUS Pro, which comes with the HeadPLUS & Focus motors in various lengths.

product image stop motion module 01 750x


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