Ecstatic with the super product "bull" Lamborghini house

Ecstatic with the super product “bull” Lamborghini house

The birth of super products “bulls” swooning Lamborghini family also had to go through ups and downs.

Lamborghini has always been so beautiful

Lamborghini used to be a tractor company that has risen to become the legendary supercar brand many people desire to own.

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The brand name has become a guarantee and class for its cars. Throughout its 50-year history, Lamborghini has brought car lovers bold models in design, impressive performance. Some models have also become iconic in a fiercely competitive car manufacturing industry.

Freeze takes 5 seconds

Lamborghini supercar company today is known to the public through the appearance of the first “bull”, the 350GT in October 1963. Three years later the company released the Miura, the first “cow”. has a mid 4L V12 motor.

In 1968 Lamborghini launched the Islero 400 GT and Espada with independent transmission, disc brakes and a combination of sports car engines and flashy exterior design.

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Lamborghini, like other car manufacturers, has also experienced financial difficulties. Then after facing these crises, Lamborghini released the limited number of 150 units Diablo worldwide with a speed of 320 km / h. Lamborghini Diablo is the fastest car in the world in 1869.

By 2001 Diablo stopped production and replaced the Lamborghini Murciélago with a 6.2 L V12 engine. Between 2003 and 2013, “super cow” was successful Lamborghini Galladro appeared in the list of “bulls” of the company.

2011 marked the appearance of “super cow” Lamborghini Aventador. On the anniversary of its founding in 2013, Lamborghini launched three limited edition Veneno “super cow” units with a price of $ 3.8 million.

As later the “bull” models of Lamborghini are upgraded, improved both in appearance and engine power and the models are only produced in limited quantities. There are models with only 1 unit in the world such as Lamborghini Aventador J, SC18 Alston or models produced under 10 units such as the convertible Venano …

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In addition, Lamborghini also has other impressive names such as Countach, Huracan, Centeriano, Terzo Milennio … Until now, after more than 50 years, Lamborghini is still mentioned as a legendary name and constantly evolving to produce the ” unique new and unique bull in the world thanks to a dedicated founder and a wonderful team of engineers.

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