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eBay Crash Sale roundup: All the killer deals giving Amazon Prime Day a run for its money

The best deals are not here yet

Everyone knows the best time to buy a new mobile device or gadget of any sort is during the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy of late November, when the nation’s biggest retailers typically offer top deals and rare doorbusters on their most popular products under the Black Friday and Cyber Monday banners. But Amazon has been trying to shake things up for the last few years, launching and rapidly expanding an artificial holiday to convince Prime members to spend more money during the shopping “off-season.”

Due to the incredible success of the first four annual Prime Day editions, the e-commerce giant decided to turn this year’s festival of deals into a 48-hour affair for the first time. While that tactic has already proven effective in prolonging Amazon’s time in the spotlight this month, a number of rivals are vying for the attention of bargain hunters over the next week or so as well.
We’re primarily talking about Target and eBay, although you probably shouldn’t rule out other retail giants (we’re looking at you, Best Buy and Walmart) joining the discount party soon enough. Until (or rather if) that happens, let’s discuss the tongue-in-cheek eBay Crash Sale for a minute and do a quick roundup of the top deals available right now.

A full month of substantial savings on top brands

Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of doing a single 24 or 48-hour event to compete against Prime Day 2019, eBay kicked off a series of sales on July 1, planning to ramp up the discounts on Monday, July 15, and keep the “hot deals for hot days” going until the end of the month.

Will Amazon’s Prime Day parade be overshadowed by the stuff eBay has up its sleeve?

That being said, you should still absolutely save the July 15 date and set your alarm for midnight, as eBay intends to do something special if Amazon crashes when the Prime Day extravaganza starts. In addition to “doorbuster savings” of more than 50 percent off on “top brands” like LG, Apple, Samsung, and Garmin, a “fresh batch of too-good-to-be-true deals” will drop if Amazon runs into the same technical difficulties as last year.

That’s certainly a unique and arguably hilarious concept, even though eBay is yet to reveal specific deals prepared for Amazon’s prospective crash.

The beginning is very promising

While it’s rarely a good idea to get excited when retailers make bombastic promises like those exemplified above, it’s also hard to stay calm when browsing the “eBay deals” section and seeing so many great discounts on excellent devices from top-rated sellers already available. Here’s a pretty long list of cool ultra-affordable stuff we’ve managed to compile without claiming it to be exhaustive, as that would be an outright Sisyphean task.

It may seem hard to believe, but all of the above is merely the beginning of a beautiful Amazon-crashing deal bonanza. We’ll be sure to update the list as we discover new promotions on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, mobile accessories, smart home devices, and more at top-rated eBay sellers you shouldn’t hesitate to trust with your hard-earned money. Stay tuned!

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