Eating Melon Calendar (2): The star series overturned, but the actors are late

Eating Melon Calendar (2): The star series overturned, but the actors are late

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Happy New Year, sisters!

Knowing that the sisters are boring, I will immediately send you a freshly baked melon calendar for the second party~

The first melon in June comes from Yu Ma, who has always been very full of drama.

On the evening of June 2nd, Yu Zheng wrote a 700-word essay on a whim, eloquently, recording the love and hatred between several entertainers in the entertainment industry.

Although the details were given in place, the names of the people in the incident were replaced by letters, and a group of melon-eating people were troubled.

Yu Ma knows she is cheap

However, there is still a veteran eater who quickly gave the answer.

And then Jin Chen’s likes and Yu Zheng’s reposts further proved the speculation of netizens.

After putting on the name, I will read Yu Ma’s little essay. In fact, I will talk about the role of Li Qin being replaced by Li Yitong because of Jin Chen, Deng Lun’s past love history and Deng Lun’s working relationship with Li Qin. The former company is black. It highlights the darkness of Li Qin and Deng Lun’s company, and also reflects Li Yitong’s helplessness and grievance. What a peerless and innocent little lady!

So is this really the case? In fact, the new dramas of Li Yitong and Li Qin are about to be broadcast, and Yu Zheng is just adding dramas to himself by the enthusiasm of netizens who love eating melons.

Compared with Yu Ma deliberately doing things, some people do “big things” in silence.

On the 3rd, talk show actor Cam was exposed to drug abuse and was arrested for allowing others to take drugs. The star drug addict team added another member.

Cam previously became popular because of the talk show and won the 2019 talk show championship.

But how do I feel that this is also more popular when something goes wrong than when he won the championship?

And the other big thing is our childhood male god Mingdao. On June 10, Ming Dao was photographed taking an elder and a woman walking in the park.

What is striking is that Ming Dao is still holding a baby in his arms. Judging from the videos taken by the media, Ming Dao has been kissing the baby and making the baby happy.

Soon after the news that Ming Dao was suspected of being a father came out, Ming Dao took the initiative to admit this happy event.

Ming Dao’s wife is Wang Tingxuan, who has been photographed many times before. She was a member of the Kiss group in her early years. At the beginning of 2017, the two were photographed sweetly visiting the park.

嘤嘤嘤, Ming Dao gave birth to a child quietly, and then surprised everyone.

During this time, Zheng Shuang’s operation on her second-hand platform also surprised everyone.

Some netizens discovered that Zheng Shuang’s recent second-hand business has been doing well, and the transactions on a certain fish are one after another. But a closer look reveals that these commodities sold by Zheng Shuang are hidden and worthy of a deep dive.

The first thing worth mentioning is selling at low prices. For example, for this toy ring, 5 pieces of 70 yuan, 14 yuan each, but the price of the same model on the orange software is only a fraction.

There are many examples like this, and the most controversial one is the goose necklace priced at 4,100 yuan.

The original price is 9,000 and the current price is 4100, but the tag posted by Zheng Shuang is 9,000 US dollars.

As a result, netizens found through searching that the real price of the necklace was 4,000 yen. Some netizens went to the physical store to compare the tag and found that the real tag was different from the one posted by Zheng Shuang.

If Zheng Shuang’s raising prices like this is just selling a star effect, but as a seller, selling band-aids that have expired, is this a bit unreasonable?

Although you can make money with your conscience, you still hope that second-hand sellers will not learn badly.

In June, the story of the scumbag continued. As early as June 6, Zhang Mingen was photographed suspected of kissing Hu Bingqing in the garage.

But at that time, Zhang Mingen’s official match was still Xu Lu. Half a month before the incident, Zhang Mingen’s photo also showed Lego shoes made by Xu Lupin.

After the incident, Zhang Mingen gave the explanation that he had broken up with Xu Lu and he was just a good friend with Hu Bingqing.

emmm, it seems that I don’t deserve to have friends.

Although everyone didn’t pay for this explanation, over time, this matter just passed. Unexpectedly, after half a month, the scumbag proved his scumbag high-end in a new way.

On June 23, Hu Bingqing accepted an interview and responded to the events of June 6.

She said that the incident in the video content was on April 14, when Zhang Mingen was confessing to her that the scene of the suspected kissing was just Zhang Mingen looking down and asking whether Hu Bingqing agreed.

Hu Bingqing said he rejected it at the time, but Zhang Mingen then embraced Hu Bingqing in his arms, emmm… Is this a new type of dating criterion?

After the video was exposed on June 6, Zhang Mingen had proactively contacted Hu Bingqing many times, and based on the history that Hu Bingqing and Xu Lu’s team had torn apart, he planned for Hu Bingqing a way to lead the source of the cyber storm to Xu Lu and let Xu Lu come. Carry this pot. Zhang Mingen also confessed to Hu Bingqing that she should not drag him into the water when she and Xu Lu were torn apart, otherwise it would be unclear.

So the good way Zhang Mingen has come up with for such a long time is to let the two girls who are hurt by him shield him who should respond the most? Fortunately, after the incident, Hu Bingqing recognized Zhang Mingen’s face in time and made it public.

Although there are still many doubts in Hu Bingqing’s interview, the key is that Zhang Mingen told everyone with actions, don’t say that women are thinking more, isn’t this man also quite scheming?

At the beginning of July, everyone was almost frightened by Lin Yun’s hideous acting skills.

But the one who really disgusts everyone is the well-known “Lu Xiucai” Yu Entai.

Originally, Yu Entai went with Kochi’s personal design. In the play, “Zi said” does not leave his mouth. Outside the play, he is already a doctor of Chinese opera.

But in early July, some netizens pointed out that Yu Entai was actually a “perpetual motion machine” in Kochi’s skin.

Before Yu Entai appeared on “Mars Intelligence Agency”, when he sang the word “vibration” in the lyrics, he suddenly performed an indescribable performance against Cai’er beside him, which made people uncomfortable.

This is not the first time that Yu Entai has been like this. Some netizens dug up as early as the promotional period of “Li Coke’s Search for People”, Yu Entai made such weird behaviors like biting Tan Zhuo’s finger in public on stage.

With this move with Wang Lanfei, is Yu Entai the reincarnation of Teddy?

After the incident, although Wang Lanfei did not mention Yu Entai, he expressed the hope that women in the workplace can boldly say “no” to sexual harassment, and hope that the media will respect and protect the victim when the media pays attention to related incidents.

However, the director of the play stood up to speak for Yu Entai, saying that the actions were all designed.

However, in Yu Entai’s live performance of “the woman can rely on the man”, I only saw the reluctance of the actress, but not half of it.

Netizens on other websites also said that Yu Entai was exposed to black material because of revenge from the big boss.

emmm…I don’t understand the rules of the game in your circle. I just want to ask, even if the action during the promotion period is indeed a design, is there someone with a knife on the neck in the awkward posture in “Mars Intelligence Agency”?

Tongzhuo, who was previously pulled off the altar due to fraud in the college entrance examination, has been making small movements since July 6.

First, he cue Zheng Yunlong many times, and let his hype not bring himself.

After that, Tongzhuo Studio’s Weibo was busy with netizens while questioning Zheng Yunlong’s graduation thesis and Beijing household registration.

Zheng Yunlong’s household registration was actually revealed many times in Zheng Yunlong’s previous interviews that he entered a business unit in Beijing under the arrangement of his mother and obtained a Beijing household registration.

But after entering the unit, Zheng Yunlong, like Tong Zhuo said, knew nothing about the basic professional skills of white-collar workers.

Although fans have clarified that Zheng Yunlong is only a temporary worker outside the staff, and where his household registration is still unknown, there are indeed many doubts behind Zheng Yunlong’s employment in the institution.

According to Zheng Yunlong’s description, after graduating in 2013, he accepted his mother’s arrangement to enter a business unit, but judging from the itinerary posted on his Weibo, Zheng Yunlong has been rehearsing the drama “Afanti” in April and May of 23 years. , And the drama performance lasts until October.

During this period, he also participated in the rehearsal of other dramas in June. So busy, shouldn’t the public institutions take care of it?

However, after verification, from July 2013 to July 2014, Zheng Yunlong’s social security has not been interrupted.

Even if I did work, I only worked for three months. How did the social security come from this year?

Although Zheng Yunlong, who was involved in these suspicions, did not get the stone hammer, he was indeed affected. The CCTV’s cake that had already reached his mouth was lost.

The boys in Meixi Lake kept producing melons, and Lin Xiaozhai also supported a melon field.

As the top of the Internet celebrity class, Lin Xiaozhai’s reputation is still quite high. After entering the Internet celebrity circle, she met Dumaru Maru and broke up at the end of June this year after seven years of love and long-distance running.

However, they only broke up at the end of June. On July 13, Lin Xiaozhai broke out a new relationship because of an intimate group photo. The love object was only 18-year-old model Liang Jiyuan.

After the intimate photos were exposed, Lin Xiaozhai immediately strangled the relationship, and said that after the breakup, he did not feel sorry for anyone.

But such a seamless relationship still makes many Lin Xiaozhai fans feel chilly, especially those who have been following Lin Xiaozhai for a long time, knowing that Du Wanwan also paid a lot for Lin Xiaozhai before.

I don’t agree that Lin Xiaozhai will be nailed to the pillar of shame because of “seamless connection”, but the traces of love between Lin Xiaozhai and Liang Jiyuan are more than that.

Through some photos published earlier, it can be found that Lin Xiaozhai had known Liang Jiyuan as early as April, and he was already familiar enough.

From Liang Jiyuan’s ex-girlfriend’s revelations, it can be known that Liang Jiyuan and his ex-girlfriend did not break up at that time, and the ex-girlfriend also tried to inform Lin Xiaozhai through a private message.

Regarding the intimate photos that broke out, Lin Xiaozhai said it was taken in the early morning of July 12.

However, according to the comparison of hair color, Liang Jiyuan already dyed his hair on June 5.

But it is black in the photo?

Unless Liang Jiyuan’s hair is dyed black again, the time for the intimate photos will have to be mentioned before June 5.

All in all, although Lin Xiaozhai keeps saying that he did not cheat, he is not a junior, but this relationship is very fascinating.

On July 18, the news that the famous Japanese actor Haruma Miura hanged himself at home shocked the Internet.

Haruma Miura was born in 1990. Because “Love in the Sky” became popular, he played the terminally ill Hiroki in the movie. Now, Hiroki has really become the sky.

On July 21, yamy exposed a recording of Xu Mingchao, the boss of his brokerage company, on Weibo. The content was extremely uncomfortable.

In the recording, Xu Mingchao dissed yamy’s appearance, clothing and singing skills in all aspects in front of everyone, saying that yamy is very ugly, not fashionable, and singing is unpleasant.

After the recording was made public, many artists under the same company came out to speak for Yamy, and they also used the opportunity of speaking to accuse the brokerage company of various improprieties.

Xu Mingchao responded afterwards, saying that all people who gave priority to yamy’s interests and threatened to leak the recording, also exposed yamy’s private affairs, in short, he was not ashamed of his remarks.

On July 27, Wilber Pan’s official announcement of marriage detonated Weibo.

I thought it was another common occurrence of a childhood male god being taken down by an internet celebrity. As a result, a circle of friends of Wang Sicong ignited the gossip of countless people who eat melons.

We all know that Aaron Kwok married the influencer Fang Yuan, and Wilber Pan’s marriage partner is also the influencer Luna Xuanyun of Nobody Cares. What these two Internet celebrities have in common is that not only are they married to a male god of the heavenly king level, but the sister Amy behind it seems to be a magical touch.

It seems ordinary, but according to the news, sister Amy has many online celebrity beauties, and sister Amy is responsible for taking these beauties to travel all over the world and shuttle to various parties of the rich.

The photo of Luna Xuanyun with sister Amy and Fang Yuan, as well as the photo of Luna Xuanyun and Wang Sicong, add a touch of authenticity to Wang Sicong’s gossip.

Although Wilber Pan’s marriage was a bit disturbing, but through this Pan’s wife, netizens suspected to have discovered a large-scale “Training Class for Sweet Wives”?

However, Pan Weibo sent a lawyer’s letter warning about the infringement information when everyone was eating melons.

At the same time, sister Amy publicly denied this in an interview.

On August 5, Zhang Yishan’s suspected new relationship was exposed. In the exposed video, Zhang Yishan and a yellow-haired woman clasped their fingers together and returned to the hotel together.

The onlookers could not help being surprised. Didn’t Zhang Yishan only report the news of living with Song Yanfei last month? And it is said that the two have been talking for 3 years.

However, Song Yanfei was simply neat and tidy. The studio directly stated that he had broken up today. It is true that Zhang Yishan had derailed by sitting on the side?

Do men have problems with twisting flowers? On the 15th, some media photographed Li Xiang’s husband Wang Yuelun in a KTV corridor with a woman, behaving very intimately.

After the incident, Wang Yuelun posted a blog post late at night to repent, saying that he had just lost his temper after being drunk and decided to give up drinking.

Unexpectedly, 3 days later, Wang Yuelun was once again exposed to an intimate photo with this “bidong girl”, not only cuddling his waist but also touching his head.

This time, Wang Yuelun didn’t repent and didn’t explain. He directly confessed Li Xiang in a blog, and Li Xiang also responded positively. Is it just a guilty conscience to close the comment area?

But the most paradoxical thing is that at the end of the month, Wang Yuelun posted a lawyer’s letter, stating that the two scandals were deliberately done by someone.

It is recommended to check the arm, otherwise, why would you always hug someone’s waist and touch their head unconsciously?

On August 21, Zheng Shuang’s live broadcast allowed her to live on Hot Search for two consecutive days.

Because August 22 is Zheng Shuang’s birthday, Zheng Shuang cooperated with a certain platform to have a live broadcast debut on the evening of the 21st.

The live broadcast lasted 6 hours. The first four hours Zheng Shuang was quite normal. He actively introduced the product and cooperated with the two supporting anchors.

But gradually, Zheng Shuang began to get tired. The most obvious thing was that when she was asked to introduce a certain lipstick she endorsed, Zheng Shuang was unwilling, and expressed disgust with this live broadcast sales method, and let the two anchors leave the live broadcast room.

But when Zheng Shuang came to sell the goods by himself, he knew nothing about the product and could only smile awkwardly.

Although the male anchor still spoke for Zheng Shuang afterwards, the cooperation platform also expressed its expectation for the next cooperation. Indeed, Zheng Shuang’s uproar has brought unprecedented popularity to the live broadcast platform, but for Zheng Shuang himself, it is another word-of-mouth discount.

On August 24, the day before Tanabata, the couple, Yu Xiaotong and Chen Xiaojun, officially announced that they had broken up.

The two were not optimistic when they announced their relationship, mainly because Yu Xiaotong was too bad in character or temper. In “The Boy in My Family”, the way Yu Xiaotong and Chen Xiaojun get along was very suffocating.

Now that the two broke up, netizens clapped and applauded.

At the end of August, it seemed to be calm, but in fact there was a war without gunpowder. Jing came out, Zhao Xiaotang, Xie Keyin, and Zeng Keni, as well as Zhao Yue who joined Genesis 3 later, all of them are cooperating with fans to post and collect data. The “Rising Stars List” on the Weibo Ming New Forces List was moved to the “Mainland List”.

In order to get data, these idols have more than ten or twenty blogs every day, and the more blogs they get at the end.

Fans tend to work harder than idols. They not only have to play games, but also give the idol flowers to increase the charm value. For this “moving” activity, fans have spent millions.

Because there were only three places, Zhao Yue unfortunately lost the election. At first, it was because she joined temporarily and broke the rules of the game, but finally failed to move, which made her a joke in the fan circle.

However, Weibo moving is a joke, and probably only fans are so serious.

On August 31, Tan Songyun’s mother was collided and the court was officially opened. The trial was broadcast live, which was watched by more than 10 million people.

Because of the live broadcast, netizens discovered that the car accident contained too many unpleasant elements: drunk driving, hit-and-run, and the defendant’s swaying attitude.

Because there are too many doubts and people’s sense of justice, many netizens have spontaneously joined the Internet to denounce, but when the live broadcast was not watched, Tan Songyun’s support club failed to guide the fans, but instigated the emotions of the fans, resulting in the account being banned. Months.

On September 3, Jiang Zhenyu, who had retired halfway through Chuang 3, reported a love affair.

Originally, this was nothing, and the company symbolically dispelled the rumors. But the key point is that someone picked out Jiang Zhenyu’s love partner as if he was a t, and it was suspected to be Wang Jiaer’s agent.

Just when everyone was dubious, Jiang Zhenyu posted such a Weibo through the trumpet, and this sentence in English was still a line from the gay movie “Adele’s Life”.

It was originally an example of the idol collapse plan, but when this incident happened, many netizens called for bravery?

On September 9, after Wan Qian made her debut in a group, she liked a negative article about teammate Yu Kewei on Zhihu. Although it was cancelled afterwards, the matter quickly became fermented, so Wan Qian responded that it was due to account theft.

As a result, the official account Zhi’an Bureau responded that Wan Qian might be throwing the pot, and then she dumped the pot to the Zhihu platform.

But the Zhihu platform did not recognize it, and Wan Qian still knew the spokesperson, so the pot was passed to the NetEase mailbox.

But NetEase’s mailbox said… I didn’t hear Wan Qian talk about it…

The series of dumping incidents caused by Wan Qian’s likes is called “Guo Chuan Guo”, bringing endless fun to netizens. I just don’t know where this pot was passed to?

On September 10th, uniq member Li Wenhan was exposed to an intimate interactive video with the net red Yi Yizi on the road. In the picture, Li Wenhan returned the car to Yi Yizi.

After the incident, Li Wenhan posted an article stating that he was single and would focus on work and never forget his original intention.

When Che Dong Yi Yi Zi, you forgot that you are an artist and an idol? Li Wenhan, you have no heart.

On September 14, a Weibo of Chen Shu’s husband Zhao Yinyin made many netizens inexplicable. In the picture, Zhao Yinyin is in an ambiguous posture with a certain woman, and Zhao Yinyin also seems to be kissing this woman.

After a period of crusade by netizens, Zhao Yinyin responded that it was his cousin.

But the copywriting of a cousin’s posture is not very etiquette?

On September 19th, a netizen named “Spicy Do Not Eat Spicy” shared a picture of himself playing room escape with idols in a book.

Although he coded several idols, after the netizens picked out their identities, Ren Hao’s support club did not admit to participating, so the fans asked for a hammer. The netizen directly posted some of the animations, confirming that the idols were indeed There is Ren Hao.

And this idol internet celebrity escape incident also involved another internet celebrity Li You, who is male and female. In August, Li You also shared the chat history with a certain idol.

Although this incident led to mutual tears between Internet celebrities, Ren Hao seemed to be simply playing room escape with them. He looked like a self-disciplined idol and stabilized the house.

But in fact, Ren’s “room escape incident” is just the beginning of Ren Hao’s house collapse. As for the follow-up, let us look forward to October.

There is always no shortage of weird people in this world. On August 25, He Junxiang announced the good news of the two daughters.

On September 23, He Junxiang revealed in the program that because he did not want a Virgo baby, he asked his wife to have a C-section two weeks in advance…

As soon as this happened, the childhood filter of netizens was broken. I didn’t expect that there would be people who would choose constellations even when they had children, and they would have parents with such IQs. I was already worried about my children…

Finally, let us welcome the Rainbow School together and ignite the end of September.

On September 23, Kunling posted a rainbow map on its social networking site, and netizens discovered that this map was posted by Jay Chou’s predecessor Patty Hou in July.

Two days after fermentation, Kun Ling and Jay Chou responded successively, saying that it was a promotional image given by the builder, and the news was idiotic.

Although it seemed like a misunderstanding, the loving image of the couple began to collapse. Netizens found that Jay Chou seemed to be obsessed with Patty Hou. For example, Patty Hou was married on the edge of a cliff, and Jay Chou once said that he wanted to get married on the edge of the cliff.

This incident also made Kunling’s bad reputation worse. On the contrary, Patty Hou, who has always had a bad reputation, began to be loved by netizens. emmm… This is probably the butterfly effect?

Although there is nothing shocking in June-September, it is not boring either.

The existence of “Sister School” and “Rainbow School” will continue to convey happiness for everyone. I hope everyone can maintain the spirit of drama and spend every day wonderfully~

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