# Eating diet, coldness, and irritating!? Summary of recipes for "onions" with plenty of healthy power
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# Eating diet, coldness, and irritating!? Summary of recipes for “onions” with plenty of healthy power

Whole onion soup

“Onions” are easy-to-use ingredients that are reasonably priced and easy to store. In addition, it contains a lot of nutrients that are pleasing to the body. Here are some onion recipes that you can easily add to your daily dining table, such as recipes that you can boil and use whole, and “vinegared onions” that enhance the effect.

Health benefits of onions

Healthy power of “onions” that you should know!

Onions have various health benefits. Onion ingredient “allyl sulfide” enhances the function of basal metabolismIncreased burning rate of excess fat.. By combining with vitamin B1Fatigue recovery and nourishing tonic effectAlso demonstrates. By “quercetin”Beautiful skin effectAnd histamine, which causes bronchial asthmaAnti-allergic effect,Nerve sedation that suppresses excitement and irritationAlso. Due to elevated body temperature and antioxidant effectsImmunity up,Effect of lowering blood sugar levelIs also attracting attention. It can be stored at room temperature if moisture is avoided, and the cut onions can be stored frozen. If you eat raw food, exposing it to water will reduce the spiciness.

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For diet and cold measures! Basic vinegar onions

[See image]How to make basic vinegared onions

Diet and fatigue recovery“Vinegar onion” is a hot topic. Onions that activate metabolism and burn excess fat to improve the function of internal organs, and vinegar that burns fat and carbohydrates and efficiently converts them into energy. It is a health food that gives you the power of two ingredients. To get more effect,Black vinegar rich in amino acidsMade with60g per day as a guideIt is recommended to take it diligently. There are many arrangement recipes such as “Spicy cole slaw with vinegared onion” that uses a punch of curry powder, and “simmered pork and vinegared onion slowly” to make it soft by using plenty of vinegared onion soup.

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Onion x meat volume side dish

Grilled meat onions

Volume recipe with plenty of pork and “onions”

The side dish made with plenty of pork and onions has a delicious onion flavor and is very satisfying because it is healthy and satisfying to eat. If recipes tend to be rude because of common combinations, try different seasonings and cooking methods. The “salt butter onion meat and potatoes” that has the butter added to the finish, and the “meat onion omelet” that is a toasted pork and onion made with flour are all full-volume. “Tonkatsu meat onion ratatouille”, which is steamed onion, tomato, and pork loin, has a juicy finish with the water from the vegetables.

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Healthy recipes for chicken and onions

Chicken saute onion lemon sauce

Effective for improving basal metabolismThe recipe that combines naive onions and high protein, low fat chicken is very healthy. “Savory chicken sauteed onion lemon sauce”, which has a refreshing taste with raw onions and lemon, is also recommended during a diet. In addition, allicin contained in onions has the effect of improving blood flow, which is a good measure against cold. Boil the onions and chicken meat in a mustard known as “body warming seasoning” with mustard boiled chicken meat and onions, and add ginger soy milk stew of grated soybeans with ginger to finish. It is even more effective if you add warming ingredients.

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“Cut off beef x onion” feast recipe

Beef and tomato onion garlic salad

Cut-off meat x onions that are easy to use in beef. You can enjoy various recipes such as salads and stews as well as the standard stir fry. First, “Beef and tomato onion garlic salad”. A fresh sliced ​​tomato with plenty of stir-fried beef and onion, it looks and tastes like a feast. “Beef and root vegetables, onion miso stew” that is easily made with tomato juice and miso butter, “Oyster stir-fried beef and new onions” with crispy sweet new onion and oyster sauce are also easy and satisfying It is a large main dish.

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Easy to use! “Onion x minced meat” recipe

Deep-fried fried chicken and onions

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to minced meat x onions is hamburger, but you can arrange it in any other way. For example, if you stuff onions that have been cut in half and stuff them with meat and steam them in soup, you can enjoy the gentle sweetness of the onions. With “Atsuage and Onion Soboro Boiled”, which is a combination of sweet and spicy broth, minced pork, onions, and fried tofu, you will not miss not only the umami but also the nutrition. If you’re looking for a classic hamburger, “W Japanese style onion hamburger” with plenty of grated onions is the best choice.

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Onion x fish refreshing recipe

Tuna seared onions

Excellent compatibility! Refreshing recipe of onions and seafood

Onions go great with seafood. With a refreshing recipe that uses vinegar or lemon juice, such as carpaccio or marinade, chopsticks will go well even on days when you tend to lose your appetite due to the heat and humidity. “Tuna Tataki Onion Nokke” is made with plenty of raw onions and accented with a lemon sour dressing. The point of “Koto Onion Peperoncino Saute” is to fry it quickly and leave the texture of the onion. The French-style Nanban-zuke “Shishamono Escabeche”, which is a combination of shishamo that is familiar with Japanese food, and refreshing pickled soup with onions, is also a fresh taste.

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Nutritious soup of onions

Onion soup

Full nutrition of onions! Onion recipe to eat with soup

The component called glucokinin contained in onions is said to have the effect of lowering blood sugar levels.Since glucokinin is water-soluble, it can be fully consumed in soups and other juices.“Onion Okoke Soup” is a soup full of sweet onions and fried in a fox color, and glutinous rice cake with mochi mochi made from lentin and fried. It is a very satisfying feast soup with one dish. If you want to mix seafood, “onion and clam soy milk soup” with clams that are effective in eliminating anemia and cold. Since you can use a boiled can, you can easily make delicious soup.

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I’m happy because I can reuse it! “Whole onion” recipe

Chicken curry with plenty of onions

If you come across a bargain onion, let’s make a “whole onion soup” that is delicious as it is and can be used conveniently. Add onions and seasonings to the panJust simmer for about an hour.. You can enjoy the deliciousness and nutrition of onions.Store the soup in the refrigerator for 5 daysIn addition to being able to do it, the arrangement recipes after the second day are also excellent. “Onion gratin soup-style” with meltable cheese is easy to cook even in a busy morning without the need to fry onions. “Chicken curry with plenty of onions” is recommended for dinner because it gives you richness even in a short time thanks to the stewed onions.

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Sauce & dressing using onions

You can eat plenty of vegetables!  Addictive

Easy handmade! Vegetables are susumu “onion dressing”

Rather than eating onions as they areIncreased nutritional efficiency by grated or finely choppedIt is said that. Therefore, we recommend dressing with onions. The “Thousand Island Dressing of Gorogoro Onions”, which is a mixture of fresh cream and ketchup mixed with finely chopped new onions, cucumbers, and red peppers, is colorful and looks great. It can be stored in the refrigerator for about 4 days. If you’re a Japanese-style person, try the refreshing “fluffy dressing of tofu and onions.” The tuna comes in cans and is perfect for eating. Let’s eat while mixing on raw vegetables.

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“Onion carrot” goes well with meat and vegetables!

Pork saute onion carrot

If you want to eat the enzymes that are abundant in raw onions, you can grate it or put it in a mixer to dress it.Because the cell membrane of the material is torn and activated, you can take more enzymes than you can eat as it is. “Onion carrot”, which is a mixture of onions, carrots, and seasonings mixed together until smooth, is a versatile sauce that matches the flavor of sesame with meat and vegetables. You can put it in a storage bottle and store it in the refrigerator for about 5 days. “Pork sautéed onion carrots with garnish” looks gorgeous and is perfect for a little hospitality.

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