Easy to make using boiled water! How to make the basics of "bamboo shoot rice"
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Easy to make using boiled water! How to make the basics of “bamboo shoot rice”

Easy to make using boiled water! How to make the basics of “bamboo shoot rice”

Introducing a recipe for easily made “bamboo shoot rice” using boiled bamboo shoots. If you master how to cut bamboo shoots and the ratio of seasonings, even beginners of cooking can make it well! Be sure to check the freezing method for the remaining bamboo shoot rice. Please use it as a reference!

Updated February 27, 2020

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Crispy and delicious! How to make bamboo shoot rice (cooking time: 90 minutes)

Bamboo shoot rice served in a bowl

Photo by Cook / kii

The deep-fried body and the gentle taste of the dashi stock enhance the deliciousness of the bamboo shoots. The crispy crispy texture of the bamboo shoots is also fun, and eating a bite will make the chopsticks progress steadily ♪

Material (2 units)

Ingredients for bamboo shoot rice on the table

Photo by Cook / kii

・ Rice … 2 go
・ Boiled bamboo shoots …… 150-250g
・ Fried fried …… 1 piece
・ Water (for boiling ingredients) …… 300-350cc
・ Japanese-style granules … 2 teaspoons
・ Light soy sauce, sake, mirin … 2 tablespoons each

* In case of 3 go
・ Water (for boiling ingredients) …… 600cc
・ Japanese-style granules … 3 teaspoons
・ Thin soy sauce, sake, mirin … 3 tablespoons each
When making with 3 go, please use a large amount of bamboo shoots and fried fish.

Tips and points

As for soy sauce, let’s prepare “thin soy sauce”. Light soy sauce has a lighter color than dark soy sauce and has a modest umami and aroma. If you season it with light soy sauce, you can make bamboo shoot rice using the color and aroma of the bamboo shoot.

How to make

1. Sharpen and soak the rice and raise it in a colander.

Seeing rice in a colander soaked in water in a bowl

Photo by Cook / kii

It takes time to soak the rice, so it’s a good idea to prepare the bamboo shoots and fried while the rice is being sharpened and soaked. Prepare a bowl and a colander. Pour plenty of water in a bowl, add rice to a colander and soak in water.

Sharpening rice with a ball shaped like a hand

Photo by Cook / kii

Make the ball lightly hold the ball (cat’s hand) and gently mix the rice with Kukuru about 5 times. Immediately raise the colander and discard the water.

Transparent bowl of rice and water

Photo by Cook / kii

Pour plenty of water in a bowl and put a colander with rice in the bowl → Mix rice gently with Kukuru about 10 times → Raise the colander and discard the water

After repeating this operation a couple of times, add plenty of water to a bowl and add water to submerge it. (30 minutes in summer, 1 hour or more in winter)

Raising rice in a colander and draining it

Photo by Cook / kii

After flooding the rice, raise it in a colander to drain it.

2. For frying, drain the oil and cut into 5 mm squares.

Boiled fried oil in a colander is being sprinkled with boiling water

Photo by Cook / kii

Put the fried tofu in a colander and sprinkle hot water to remove the oil.

A state that the fried food is sandwiched with kitchen paper and the moisture is wiped off.

Photo by Cook / kii

Wipe off excess water by sandwiching the deep-fried food with kitchen paper.

4 steps to cut open deep-fried to 5mm square

Photo by Cook / kii

Cut 3 sides to open and chop 5mm square.

3. Slice the tips of the bamboo shoots and slice the roots.

Bamboo shoots on the wooden cutting board with the tip and the root separated

Photo by Cook / kii

The bamboo shoots have different hardness at the tips and at the base, so let’s separate them.

Chopped bamboo shoots on a wooden cutting board

Photo by Cook / kii

The root is divided into 4 equal parts, then cut into 2mm width and chopped.

Thinly sliced ​​bamboo shoots on a wooden cutting board

Photo by Cook / kii

Cut the tips in half lengthwise and then slice into 2 mm wide slices.

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