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Easy handmade at home!Steamed soybean recipe / how to make


Photo of steamed soybeans

Cooking time: 60 minutes or less

Steamed soybeans on the market can be easily made as long as you have a steaming tool at home.Just rehydrate it plumply, then raise it and steam it.That simplicity.

Steamed soybeans can be stored frozenSo, you can use it as a frozen ingredient in soup. Please try to make it.

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Easy handmade at home!How to make steamed soybeans

Preparation of steamed soybeans

The dried beans can be soybeans or black beans, but this time we will introduce how to make steamed soybeans using normal size dried soybeans.

First, transfer the soybeans to a bowl, wash them quickly, and add plenty of water.

Soak in water and put it back overnight (about 8-12 hours) (* Be sure to keep it in the refrigerator when the room temperature rises).

The small soybeans that were roundReturn to the shape of a plump oval beanRehydrate until.

* If the temperature of the refrigerator is low, it may not return to its full shape even if it is left on overnight. In that case, bring it to room temperature, wait until it becomes plump, and then steam it.

How to make steamed soybeans / Steaming time

Prepare as large a colander as possible according to the size of the pot (I used a bamboo colander underneath, but of course a metal colander is OK).

Spread the soybeans in a colander and wait for the steamer to boil (for flat colanders, spread them evenly, and for round colanders, dent the center a little to make the thickness as uniform as possible).

* If you don’t have a steamer, you can prepare a deep pot and use “steaming plate + colander” or “dish that comes out of the hot water at the bottom of the pot + colander”.

Set the soybeans in the steamer while it is boiling well,Approximately 1 hour with low medium to medium heat with steam boilingSteam to.

* For steamed foods such as chawanmushi, a cloth is wrapped around the lid to prevent water droplets from falling, but steamed soybeans can get wet a little, so you can save the trouble.

When it’s time to steam while checking if the hot water runs out on the wayOpen the lid to the back so that steam can escape and taste it...

If the soybeans are fluffy and cooked, remove them, and if they are still hard, continue steaming them every 2-3 minutes until they are cooked.

After that, remove it from the steamer and remove the rough heat.It lasts 3-4 days for refrigeration and 2-3 months for freezing...

For freezing, it is recommended to put it in a sealed bag such as a zip lock or put it in a storage container such as a tapper to freeze it (it is easy to use because it can be separated moderately even after freezing).

* The decompression method isWhen using it for salads and stir-fries, thaw the desired amount naturally in the it,When using it as a soup, add frozen steamed soybeans directly to the boiling soup.And it’s OK.


  • Frozen steamed soybeans can be thawed in a relatively short time. You can thaw it in less than a minute by putting it in boiling soup.



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