Easy fluffy. Pudding french toast
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Easy fluffy. Pudding french toast

Easy fluffy. Pudding french toast

15 minutes
Does not include soaking time.

Leave it to the pudding! Introducing a video of the recipe and how to make “pudding french toast”. French toast that can be made without using eggs and sugar by using pudding for egg liquid. The fluffy dough is addictive, and the subtle sweetness that spreads in the mouth is an exquisite dish. You can also add vanilla ice cream if you like.

Writer : Karakuru, a macaroni chef

Cooking Researcher / Nutritionist

From elementary school to high school, I belonged to the track and field club and became interested in nutritional science because I had severe dietary restrictions. He worked at a welfare facility for 5 years as a dietitian and was involved in dietitian work, cooking, and management work.
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(For 2 people)

  • Bread (cut into 6 pieces)
    2 sheets
  • Pudding
    2 pieces
  • milk
  • butter
    20 g

How to make


Put pudding in the container and take the caramel part with a spoon. Break with a whipper, add milk little by little and mix.


Soak the bread, turn it over, and soak for another 10 minutes.


Put butter in a frying pan to melt it, and add ②. Heat on low to medium heat and finish when brown on both sides.


Put on a plate, mix the powdered sugar, the caramel part of the pudding from step 1 and the maple syrup (a small amount), and apply.

Tips and points

・ If you have time, soak the bread in the egg solution the day before, so that the bread penetrates into the inside.
・ You can make pudding by using it as egg liquid without removing the caramel part.

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