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#Easy because there is no food! “Immediately ready egg croquette” with overflowing thick eggs


Egg croquette ready to eat

The only ingredients are eggs, potatoes and flour! Introducing an egg croquette that is very simple but has a feast. Simply wrap the boiled egg in crushed and powdered potatoes and fry. If you make the egg half-boiled, you can enjoy the harmony of Hokuhoku potatoes and thick eggs ♪

Egg croquette ready to eat

It’s very easy because there is no troublesome time
[Material](for 2 people) * 1 person 514kcal Salt 1.3g
・ Eggs (return to room temperature) …… 4
・ Potatoes …… 2 pieces (about 300g)
Salt and pepper Wheat flour Fried oil Medium-concentrated sauce

[How to make 1]
Cut the potatoes into quarters, wash them, and put them in a heat-resistant bowl with the water drained. Cover with plastic wrap, heat in the microwave for about 8 minutes, and leave for about 2 minutes to steam.

[How to make 2]
Boil water in a pan, boil eggs for about 5 minutes, and take in cold water. Crack up and down while warm and soak in cold water. Peel the shell when you wake up.

[How to make 3]
Crush smoothly while 1 is hot. Add a little salt and pepper and 3 tablespoons of flour and mix (if dry, add a little water and adjust), divide into 4 equal parts and roll. Spread each thinly with a wrap and wrap it with 2. Smooth the surface and sprinkle with flour.

[How to make 4]
Heat the frying oil to a high temperature (about 180 ° C) and add 3. Fry for 3-4 minutes until the whole is brown while turning it over, and drain the oil. Serve in a bowl and sprinkle with an appropriate amount of sauce.


How to make egg croquette immediately

Wrap the eggs in crushed and powdered potatoes



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