Easy at home! 5 recipes for making dried ginger and using it
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Easy at home! 5 recipes for making dried ginger and using it

Easy at home! 5 recipes for making dried ginger and using it

We will introduce how to make “Dried Ginger” and how to use it. There is an image that ginger warms your body, but if you want to easily take in the nutritional ingredients, “dry ginger” is recommended! It’s easy to make at home and easy to store, so I’d like to make good use of it in my daily meals.

Updated February 27, 2020

Writer : Raico

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How does dried ginger work?

Raw ginger and dry ginger powder on a table

How is it different from normal ginger?

Raw ginger contains a lot of spicy ingredients called “gingerol”. “Gingerol” improves gastrointestinal function, has bactericidal action and antipyretic action to cool the body. (* 1)

Gingerol turns into a ingredient called “shogaol” when heated or dried. This “shogaol” stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and has the effect of warming the entire body. (* 2)

Is it true that you can expect a diet?

Zingerone, a spicy ingredient contained in ginger, has the function of promoting blood circulation and improving metabolism. This is also made by heating and decomposing gingerol, and when ingested, it promotes fat burning, so it can be said that it is useful for dieting. (* 3,4,5,6)

On the other hand, if you eat dried ginger too much, it will hurt your stomach.

Easy to make! Homemade “dry ginger” basic recipe (cooking time: 75 minutes)

Dried powdered ginger on a light blue plate

Photo by Raico

Now let me introduce you how to make dried ginger. Although commercially available ones are also available, you can easily make them by simply drying thinly sliced ​​ginger. If you make it finely powdered, you can use it for cooking and drinks, so it will be very convenient as a seasoning.

Material (amount that is easy to make)

1 bag of ginger on a cutting board

Photo by Raico

・ Ginger …… 1 bag

Tips and points

There are various ways to make dried ginger, but the point is to dry them well. If water remains, the storage condition will deteriorate and mold will grow.

When the ginger is well dried, put it in an airtight container and put a desiccant inside to save it.

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