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Earning 871 billion VND, Japanese female tennis player set a world record

According to Forbes, Naomi Osaka earned £ 30.7 million in the past year, £ 1.15 million more than Serena Williams. With the money earned, the Japanese tennis player broke the income record of a female athlete in a year that Maria Sharapova once held with 24.4 million pounds in 2015.

Up to this point, Naomi Osaka has won a total of 5 WTA titles, most notably the US Open 2018 and the Australian Open 2019. She rose to No. 1 on the WTA charts at 21 and became became the first Asian tennis player to stand on top of the world women’s tennis.

Osaka currently has 15 sponsors, including major brands such as Nike, Nissan Motor, Shiseido and Yonex. These contracts help the Japanese tennis player earn millions of pounds every year.

Currently, Naomi Osaka ranks 29th among the 100 highest-paid athletes, while tennis player Serena Williams ranked 33. This is the first time since 2016, this list has 2 female athletes contributed face. Previously, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova each took turns holding the record for the highest-paid female athlete in the world.



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