Earn if you buy it? Triumph “TRIDENT 660” is on sale in Japan!

Triumph’s newly launched TRIDENT 660 is a carefully designed street car model. Although it is equipped with the same three-cylinder engine as the Street Triple of the same brand, the TRIDENT 660 is more eye-catching.

The biggest goal of Triumph launching the TRIDENT 660 is to allow car fans to enjoy the unique charm of the three-cylinder engine at a simpler and more affordable price and cost.

The specifications, equipment and texture are just right

It can be seen from the name of the vehicle that the TRIDENT has a displacement of 660cc, so most car fans would think that it is a twin model of Street Triple S.

In fact, although TRIDENT’s engine is based on Street Triple S, it is a newly developed one with 67 new parts added, and the optimized six-speed gearbox and sliding clutch are listed as standard equipment. A water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel three-cylinder engine.

Therefore, the maximum torque of TRIDENT 64Nm/6250rpm is almost the same as that of Street Triple S. The maximum horsepower of 81ps/10,250rpm combined with the weight of only 189kg makes the power output quite sufficient.

Although the specifications are lower than Street Triple S’s 95.2ps, TRIDENT can produce 90% of the maximum torque in most of the speed range. It is characterized by powerful horsepower and very rich torque in the full speed range.

In the same displacement range, the maximum horsepower of 81ps is higher than that of YAMAHA MT-07, SUZUKI SV650 and KAWASAKI Z650. Although lost to HONDA CB650R, the weight of the whole car is 13kg less. It can be seen that Triumph is against the middleweight The ambition of the street car market.

TRIDENT 660 also has a variety of electronic control systems. In addition to tracking control and two riding modes, it also has excellent practicability, such as the use of a TFT color LCD screen and the ability to connect with smart phones.

TRIDENT 660 has been on sale in Japan on January 23. The suggested price in Japan is 979,000 yen, although compared to other Japanese competitors (MT-07: 792,000 yen, CB650R: 979,000 yen, Z650: 847,000 yen, SV650: 785,400 yen) is slightly higher, but it is still very competitive in this market.

▲TRIDENT 660 has two color paintings and four colors in total. The same is that there is a big Triumph brand LOGO on the fuel tank.

Main specifications

Model TRIDENT 660
Seat height (mm) 850mm
Vehicle weight (kg) 189kg (equipment weight)
Engine form Water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel three-cylinder
Displacement 660cc
Maximum horsepower 81ps/10250rpm
Maximum torque 6.53kg-m/6250rpm
Fuel tank capacity 14L
Tire size before 120/70ZR17
Rear 180/55R17

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