Early review "Tenet" on Rotten Tomatoes: "Cold, brave, bold, unique, and ... human!"

Early review “Tenet” on Rotten Tomatoes: “Cold, brave, bold, unique, and … human!”

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The ambitious work of the talented director Christopher Nolan received many expensive reviews from the top Hollywood film critics.

Although the entire content of “Tenet” is still in secret – like all the works of the genius Christopher Nolan, it can be confirmed that this blockbuster is not only invested in gray matter but also. is among the “most expensive” movies in the director’s collection, with a budget of up to 225 million – more than names like Inception or Interstellar. “Tenet” is expected to fulfill its mission of reshaping the film industry. The film currently holds a score of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. Let’s see what the critics say about the blockbuster “Tenet”:

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“Overall, it’s a cold, gritty film – one that’s easy to see, especially rich in boldness and originality. The most important is still human values! “

Leslie FelperinThe Hollywood Reporter

“The real highlight of the film is to create a magnificent and wonderful scene.”

Kevin MaherTimes (UK)

“Everyone wants to find such a movie, the aura of entertainment becomes meaningless to Tenet because this is a one-of-a-kind work, which may never appear again. “

Jessica KiangNew York Times

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“It was a dream ride… for most people, for anyone looking for an escape from the frivolities of the moment.”

Fionnuala HalliganScreen International

“Nolan’s latest movie can be a feast of sound and rage, you probably won’t feel anything, but you may also see too much to talk about. There are steps forward, backward, from the inside out there are a lot of disturbances. Have you felt a “headache” yet?

Jonathan RomneyLos Angeles Times

“Actually,“ Tenet ”is not one of Nolan’s best movies. But after I watch it over and over again four or five times, maybe I’ll change my mind. ”

Nicholas BarberTheWrap

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“Tenet is a thrilling and sensational maze that will get you lost.”

Clarisse LoughreyIndependent (UK)

“Tenet possesses a background of chaos and a story about global threats, in which human survival depends on the small matter of the reshaping of time and space.
“Tenet” is very suitable for such an era of anxiety. “

Guy LodgeVariety

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In addition, there are also many candid opinions of the blockbuster director Christopher Nolan:

“After months of having to be glued to the small screen, maybe the first time I watched Tenet, I felt a little overwhelmed. But it’s hard to get rid of the feeling that the movie hasn’t met my expectations, ”

Philip De SemlyenTime Out

“The world is ready for a great blockbuster … It’s a shame Tenet isn’t that name.”

Catherine ShoardGuardian

“Really nothing to feel because the movie is quite tangled with loops and a lot of smoke?”

Mike McCahillindieWire

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Up to now, very little has been announced about Tenet’s contents, including the names of the characters in the movie. However, “Tenet” will definitely shock because it contains a lot of action, violence, and “heavy” words. There will be 9 seconds in the film that will be cut off because of the image of a woman being brutally abused. Although the majority of the comments of the critics leaned towards complimenting the film, but the audience’s feeling when “Tenet” premieres will still be unknown because it is currently difficult to predict or anticipate feedback. of the public.

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