EA spends 2.4 billion US dollars to acquire well-known mobile game manufacturer Ge Rong Mobile

EA announced on February 8 that it would acquire Gerong Mobile, a well-known American mobile game manufacturer. EA spent 2.4 billion US dollars in this acquisition, including the 2.1 billion US dollars worth of Ge Rong itself and more than 300 million cash held by it. This will also be the fifth largest acquisition in the video game industry so far.

Involved in 11 electronic game industry acquisitions with a value of more than 1 billion US dollars, the number one was Tencent’s acquisition of Supercell.

Green Mobile owns sports mobile games such as “World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)” and “Professional Baseball League”, as well as “Gun and Fire Brothers”, “Disney Wizard Arena”, and “Dead Island Survival”. EA’s acquisition of this time is also to further expand its mobile game types to sports, role-playing, simulation or casual games.

Ge Rong Mobile’s profit experience in sports or casual games is one of the reasons for EA to initiate the acquisition. As part of the transaction, Ge Rong Mobile will also receive help from EA in its global distribution channels.

Through this acquisition, EA will include more than 500 developers (more than 800 employees in total) of Green Mobile.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, said: “Our acquisition of Gerong will combine an excellent team with mature products. We strive to create a mobile game with mature expertise in the fast-growing game industry. Leading company. Mobile games will continue to grow into the world’s largest gaming platform. When the products and talents of Ge Rong join, our mobile business will double in scale. With the participation of IP with a deep foundation and more players, we will To provide our players with a better gaming experience, which will also drive the further development of EA.”

If all the approval procedures go smoothly, EA will complete all acquisitions of Green Mobile on June 30 this year.

Source: VGtime
Address: https://www.vgtime.com/topic/1114006.jhtml


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