E3 2019 | They Are Billions came out to play the campaign, on the console!

E3 2019 | They Are Billions came out to play the campaign, on the console!

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They Are Billions, real-time strategy game from Numantian Games, after E3-2019 will host the campaign The New Empire, at the same time released on the console.

They Are Billions is a real-time strategy game mixed with goalie set in post-apocalyptic context from Numantian Games. Since entering the Early Access stage in December 2017, the game has received many positive reviews from users on Steam.

However, despite the announcement of the campaign, the game was "silent" for a long time without any information for gamers.

Recently, this independent developer posted it Twitter of the game on this issue. In it, the campaign part of They Are Billions will have a name The New Empire, officially released on June 18 (after E3 2019). Those who own the game will be entitled to play the campaign completely free.

Besides that, They Are Billions There will also be two new maps for survival mode: The Deep Forest and The Caustic Lands.

The Caustic Lands will bring new challenges for players when faced with Doom Colony accounting for … 30% of the map! The Deep Forest will have a lower difficulty than The Caustic Lands.

Not only that, Numantian Games also announced that the game will "set foot" on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 1.

The console port will be handled by BlitWorks, a studio that does the same for Bastion, Fez, Spelunky, Wargroove

They Are Billions Currently sold on Steam for $ 29.99 USD.

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