E3 2019 | Red Faction Evolution accidentally revealed on Nvidia Ansel?

E3 2019 | Red Faction Evolution accidentally revealed on Nvidia Ansel?

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Red Faction Evolution, sequel to the game series Red Faction Just subscribed to the list of supported games Nvidia Ansel before E3 shelf 2019.

Typically, the E3 event will surprise gamers with news leaked by images and data from retail units.

This time, however, the leak was through Nvidia's imaging technology with the name Nvidia Ansel.

Recently, a user on the Metacouncil forum has just discovered on the list of compatible games Nvidia Ansel a familiar name appears: Red Faction Evolution.

Currently, the name of the game has been removed from Nvidia's website. However, you can still refer to the image taken earlier.

Nvidia Ansel is a technology developed by Nvidia for 360-degree shooting in the game, calibrating a lot of effects to produce a stunning photo.

This is a high-end technology that few PC games can support, including possible Red Faction Evolution.

Since the last part released in 2011 is Red Faction Armageddon, this series of games suddenly "has no signal" for a long time. Then there are signs of returning to the improved version Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-tered released in 2018.

Besides, Nordic THQ also said that they have 48 projects that are currently developing and have not been announced.

Therefore, work Red Faction Evolution Introduced at the E3 2019 event is not necessarily a surprise for fans.

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