[E3 2019] Fable 4 lộ tin đồn trước thềm sự kiện game lớn?

[E3 2019] Fable 4 reveals rumors before the big game event?

[E3 2019] Fable 4 reveals rumors before the big game event?

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Fable 4 – a sequel to Microsoft's once-famous action RPG, revealing rumors about the 2019 E3 event and exciting story!

With the upcoming E3 2019 event taking place and the fans are anxiously waiting for the new game announcement moments, many sources have begun to reveal about the games we will see in this event. .

Most recently, rumors of Fable's sequel will be shown at the Microsoft conference.

According to user SufficientBridge7 on Reddit, the person said he was seen through the trailer Fable 4 and want to share some things about the game.

According to SufficientBridge7, in the next section, Albion and Aurora have disappeared. The Spire is rebuilt and used by a crazy king who wants to destroy this planet. He also wished this would continue to happen again in the distant future.

Everything of the game begins in the future in the Middle Ages, when the continents and territories have been greatly changed.

It is known that time travel elements are heavily placed in the plot. The player can also see the Jack of Blades inside Fable.

The user also said that the game can be switched back and forth between the first view and the third view, possessing the ability to create characters, completely open world.

You can also build cities around the world, join the multiplayer mode and, more specifically, you can completely ignore the main content branch and not become a hero.

As for Microsoft, they do not have any comments for this article.

Besides, SufficientBridge7 does not offer any more convincing evidence (such as video footage).

Therefore, everything is about Fable 4 just stop at rumors.

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