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E3 2019 | Devolver Digital – "dream" press conference

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This is the third year Devolver Digital "Bombing" E3 by "comedy meeting". This year, great sister Nina Struthers (played by Mahria Zook) comes back in … her subconscious. Viewers were led into Nina's subconscious and witnessed the horror, humor and confusing press conference there. Perhaps the "Cinema Universe" Devolver is gradually becoming something indispensable at E3?

The press conference ended with a related detail Terminator 2 interesting. And overall it's quite short, only about 20 minutes, so if possible, you should watch it to feel humor. If you are only interested in the news section, Vietgame.asia will also ask for your points!


Devolver Bootleg is a huge game Devolver Digital. The game is a collection of "funny" versions of the games that made Devolver's name.

List of re-names in Devolver Bootleg have:

  • Enter The Gun Dungeon (from Enter The Gungeon)
  • Hotline Milwaukee (from Hotline Miami)
  • Ape Out Jr. (from Ape Out)
  • Shootyboots (from Downwell)
  • Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship (from Absolver)
  • Catsylvania (from Gato Roboto)
  • Pikubiku Ball Stars (from Pikuniku)
  • Luftrousers (from Luftrausers)

You remember to buy immediately for the hot, because Devolver Bootleg currently being discounted on the floor. 1%.


Carrion OK Devolver Digital announced in his comedy performance. This is a horror pixel graphics game but goes against the market trend, instead of playing the human and going to kill monsters, you will be playing monsters to … kill people. Revenge for the imprisoned days of the experiment, your task is to attack the people in the facility to become stronger and able to escape.

Does this "reverse psychological" play do so differently? The answer will come when the game launches in 2020.


This free DLC package will give you experience The Messenger Under a new perspective on the trip to Voodkin Island. With three completely new screen play with unique boss battles, hope DLC package will re-ignite the excitement for the game.


Enter The Gungeon: House of the Gundead is a game based on the design Enter the Gungeon. Special point here, House of The Gundead is a arcade game, it will not be available on any PC or console, but also on a box, and probably targeted at entertainment areas. It's strange Devolver Digital Again this market is targeted, but anyway if you want to experience it, please wait until 2020.

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