E3 2019 | AMD RX 5700 – together "admire" the first images

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After the event of the launch of AMD Navi product line yesterday, AMD had a small meeting with the media to "show off" their two AMD RX 5700 Series products.

After the press conference to launch AMD Navi products at E3 recently held in Los Angeles, AMD has "exhibited" the products. AMD RX 5700 Their series with the media and journalists have enlisted the "hottest" images of this duo.

Both products line AMD RX 5700 The series are designed with completely new graphic architecture RDNA, codenamed Navi, produced on advanced 7nm lines, which helps to reduce thermal energy and power consumption on the same base size if compared with advance. 12nm process of the current "blue team".

Two product lines AMD RX 5700 The series appears to be quite familiar with the bold design of OEM when using squirrel radiator fan with long board design, monolithic aluminum radiator plate to take the main cooling role for graphics processing chip and Radeon logo can "light up" above the product.

If the AMD RX 5700XT is designed with multiple "parallel lines" in the aluminum radiator mask with a "waist" style "focus" to focus the air towards the heat sink, AMD RX 5700 The design is much more "slippery" in the traditional style of previous OEM product lines.

Both products are configured with 8 + 6pin power supply, providing high power consumption with a heat sink design at 225W TDP, well above the TDP of only about 175W of the RTX 2070 product line from "the team. green". So certainly the third manufacturer will have to consider more for heavy-duty thermal solutions on products AMD RX 5700 This series.

No more detailed information about the AMD RX 5700 is available, but the unmasked "AMD RX 5700XT" will have up to seven "heavy" power supplies that allow users to run long-term overclocking mode.

Vietgame.asia will provide more detailed information about these products to readers in the near future.

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