E3 2019 | AMD press conference

E3 2019 | AMD Press Conference – AMD Navi officially "came out"

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AMD Navi is a strange name, is also familiar with gamers who love technology. Accustomed because we have heard about it from the secret information … revealed from the day the blue team introduced the RTX series products using Turing architecture, but still strange because until recently, we still There is not much clear information about the products to be released.

Even if it was "Cheating" at Computex 2019 Recently, the graphics processor AMD Navi Only appearing with a few pieces of information is the product will use the new RDNA graphics architecture with higher performance than the previous GCN architecture, with a gentle demo showing higher performance than approx. 10% less than rival RTX 2070.

It was not until 5 o'clock this morning in Vietnam time, at the E3 event in Los Angeles, USA, AMD officially announced a press conference to announce a completely new line of graphics processing products. AMD Navi with its RX 5700XT and RX 5700 versions.

Here, please Vietgame.asia go to the main features at AMD E3 2019 press conference!


Opening the AMD press conference at E3 this time, Lisa Su, its chief executive, is proud to present its strong "coverage" on most current gaming platforms. From traditional gaming PCs, to modern consoles like PS4 and XBOX One are coming Google Stadia and mobile phones through cooperation agreements between carriers and Samsung. Not to mention the consoles that are being developed such as Sony's PS5 and Project Scarlett XBOX are all being developed based on Zen 2 architecture CPUs and graphics processors. AMD Navi of the company.

This strong "coverage" also created a boost for the company to work with studios to better optimize games, especially systems that run "combos" between Zen 2 CPUs and AMD Navi GPUs, but Lisa. Su called it The Ultimate Gaming Platform.


Although officially launched in the 2019 Computex period, the AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs are now more thoroughly introduced to gamers, especially for powerful systems dedicated to streamer. .

In particular, owning more cores on high-end CPUs such as Ryzen 9 3900x is not evident in normal game play, but the CPU's power will be very different when used on streamed games when possible. The ability to compress and send viewers 98.6% of the frames in real time while the rival is from Intel Intel Core i9 9900K Only likely to send successfully at 2.1%.

On the occasion of launching the GPU AMD Navi This time at the E3 event, the AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPU also welcomed two new members with more affordable prices than AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and Ryzen 5 3600X at the price of USD 199 and USD 249 respectively. These will be two CPU lines that compete strongly with Core i5 CPUs from Intel in the war for the middle segment.


Is "chewed" from the Computex event last 2019 in Taiwan, this time, AMD Navi was officially introduced to the gaming community with two RX 5700XT and RX 5700 versions.

This is the new GPU using architecture RDNA completely new and also produced on TSMC's 7nm technology line while competitors from the blue team are still "struggling" with the 12nm manufacturing process. That means the GPU AMD Navi will have an advantage both in energy efficiency and heat dissipation on the same base area.

This is also the first line of graphics cards in the world to take advantage of the high bandwidth power of PCI Express 4.0 slot recently introduced by AMD along with X570 chipset at Computex period 2019 recently to achieve the highest performance.

4. RX 5700XT AND RX 5700

In this launch, the GPU names code AMD Navi will "pull out" with two main versions: the RX 5700XT and the RX 5700.

In it, the RX 5700XT will own up to 40 computational core clusters with the ability to calculate floating point up to 9.75 TFLOPS. The device will be equipped with 8GB GDDR6 operating at 1605MHz clock, but can be automatically overclocked short-term to 1905MHz or stable operation in Game Mode with 1755MHz pulse level.

The RX 5700, on the other hand, has a slightly weaker configuration with just 36 cluster computing computations with 7.95 TFLOPS floating point computing capability. The product is also equipped with GDDR6 RAM and operates at 1465MHz, with the highest overclocking at 1725MHz and stable operation in Game Mode mode at 1625MHz.


With the initial tests AMD brought to viewers, the most advanced AMD Navi series, the RX 5700XT, will compete directly with the RTX 2070 with a superiority of 5% to 10% in most tests. while the RX 5700 will be stronger with the same level when compared to RTX 2060.

Both products are supported by some new technical features such as AMD FidelityFX to create clear effects, AMD Radeon Image Sharpening for smart antialiasing and Radeon Anti-lag to reduce the delay between input and image data to screen up to 35% compared to conventional graphics cards.

Although there are some speculations about Microsoft certification for the ability to support feature handling Ray Tracing by hardware on GPUs AMD NaviBut during the press conference, AMD did not mention this feature on its new GPUs.


Surprisingly, the RX 5700XT is priced at only $ 449, $ 50 cheaper than the price of the RTX 2070, while the RX 5700 is priced at $ 379, 20USD more expensive than its direct rival RTX 2060 me At this price, both are quite attractive to mid-range gamers who want to find a good graphics card at prices from 300USD to 500USD.

In addition, AMD will also release a "gold" version of the RX 5700XT that celebrates its 50th anniversary with a slightly faster operating speed than the original version.

Both will launch the market on the same occasion as the A CPUMD Ryzen 3000 Series July 7 here.

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