E-wallet is convenient and effective for people. Instant download gets RM30 red envelope-united daily

(Newspaper, Miri, 20th) It is the people, not the e-wallet platform, that make the digital red envelope opportunity “stable”.
“This is not as Cai Jinzhong, chairman of the Pu Yi branch of the Shah National Solidarity Party, said, this is a steady profit made by the government-designated e-wallet platform.”
Mr. Lam Si Kin pointed out that the Government’s promotion of the Digital Red Envelope Scheme is to encourage the public to use electronic wallets more actively, and to make good use of electronic posting services when purchasing retail supplies.
The electronic red envelope plan will be officially launched on the 15th of this month. Using Touch n Go, Boost and GrabPay, all Malaysians who are over 18 years old and whose annual salary is less than RM100,000, can get 30 as long as they use the above three electronic wallet platforms. Ringgit digital red envelope. The relevant conditions will be verified by the National Registry and the Inland Revenue Board.
The digital red envelope plan will last for two months, from the 15th of this month to the 14th of March. During this time, the public can use these 30 ringgit digital red envelopes to buy anything they choose.
He emphasized that the Ministry of Political Affairs had selected Treasury Holdings as the coordinating unit and promoted the plan within the specified time. After March 14, the balance of the Digital Red Envelope Program will be fully returned to Treasury Holdings.
He made the above remarks during a rollout of the Digital Red Envelope Program at Fun Night Market tonight. For example, if the user has a balance of RM10 after the specified date, the balance must be returned to the government in whole numbers, so the e-wallet platform cannot get the government’s RM30 from this. Even if it does not need to be returned, this is also the user. Not a company.
“We encourage the beneficiaries to make good use of these 30 ringgits, which can promote the popularization of e-wallets and commerce.”
These three companies are also actively helping the government to promote a society in which all people can move towards e-wallets. This plan is designed to encourage people to use e-wallets. In the long run, it can also avoid the public security risks faced when making withdrawals. Dealing transparently with transactions can help reduce corruption.
He said that the government also hopes that as more people use it, it can attract more merchants to accept e-wallets, which can reduce operating costs, and also follow the pace and development of the times.
These three companies also offer promotions at different levels. Today, the company on the spot gave discounts to introducers, including lucky draw bonuses. In the long run, it can increase the number of customers on the platform. The government promotes electronic wallets, and of course, it is welcome to use more people.
In the 2020 budget, the government provided RM450 million for the use of digital red envelopes for the people.
He also explained that the treasury control refers to the selection of the above 3 companies as designated companies based on 4 criteria:
● Has the most active users. This is to ensure that the largest number of Malaysian e-wallet users can benefit.
● Has the most business networks. This is to ensure that the most merchants benefit, and consumers have more choices.
● Have sufficient professional technology, financial capacity, and human resources to build the necessary electronic wallet system, and have the ability to process huge transaction amounts in a short time.
● Make a huge investment in Malaysian e-wallet services.
The Ministry of Government has selected Treasury Holdings as the coordinating unit and promoted the plan within the specified time. The three largest e-wallet platforms in China are ready to participate in this benefit plan.

Datuk Wu Jianping, President of the Chinese Federation of Miri Province, hosted a reunion dinner for the 72 presidents

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