E-sports for all, starting with the potential of 2021 Tencent E-sports Tianmei E-sports project plan officially released

On January 23, the launch conference of Tencent E-sports 2021 Tianmei E-sports project plan was held in Shenzhen China Resources Building Art Center. Liu Wenbin, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, Huang Xiangyue, Deputy Secretary of the Nanshan District Committee and District Mayor, Wang Zhiqiang, a first-level investigator of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, Lian Cong, Deputy District Mayor of Nanshan District, and related business leaders of Tencent jointly produced Shenzhen E-sports The center was unveiled to witness the DYG e-sports club landing at home in Shenzhen and launch the 2020 King of Glory Winter Champions Cup finals. A number of producers from Tencent E-sports and Tianmei Studios collectively released the 2021 Tianmei e-sports project plan, covering e-sports city cooperation, competition system upgrades, hardware facilities expansion and other aspects.

Tencent e-sports helps Shenzhen build the e-sports industry center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Hou Miao, Vice President of Tencent Games and General Manager of Tencent E-sports, delivered a speech on the theme of “Tencent E-sports Helps Shenzhen Build the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area E-sports Industry Center”. Thank you for your development support. Hou Miao said that on December 29, Shenzhen Nanshan District released its implementation opinions and measures on supporting the e-sports industry, reflecting Shenzhen’s emphasis on the e-sports industry, especially Nanshan District, as a national cultural and technological integration demonstration base, is more capable A good foundation for the development of the e-sports industry. As the first company in the industry to build e-sports as an independent brand and business system, Tencent hopes to create a new industrial ecology and lifestyle around e-sports. To this end, Tencent e-sports has been planning the “e-sports sports city development plan” since 2018, hoping to combine the support of local governments to build a more complete and broader e-sports ecological foundation. As an important part of Tencent’s e-sports, the series of events and related businesses of the Tianmei e-sports project will also successively land in Shenzhen, jointly helping Shenzhen to build the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area e-sports industry center.”

E-sports makes urban life more colorful-“The King’s Life Platform” builds an e-sports cultural life circle

At the press conference, Gao Li, vice president of Tencent Games and general manager of the marketing department of Tencent’s interactive entertainment platform, shared with you Tianmei’s experience and planning in promoting e-sports and urban integration. She said that as an important promoter and leader of e-sports in China, Tianmei studio group and its e-sports brands have been conducting various explorations and attempts. Relying on a sound foundation for e-sports, Tianmei upgraded the “Tencent King’s Life Platform” this year, trying to integrate e-sports into urban life more deeply through product technology empowerment and scene marketing services. Since its launch, the “Life of Kings Platform” has connected more than one million terminal stores across the country, covering diversified scenarios such as catering, retail, business districts, travel and transportation, wine travel, e-commerce platforms, etc., and successfully realized gameplay, e-sports content and various The connection of the scene merchant. In the future, the “king of life platform” will be further improved: with the main stadium of the KPL Club of Glory of the King as the axis, it will radiate to the surrounding businesses and more diverse urban scenes, and gradually build a diverse and rich e-sports culture for the city where the club is located. Life circle.

Be brave to win while young-QQ Speed ​​E-sports will be fully upgraded in 2021

As a star product in the racing field for 13 years, “QQ Speed” has reached the top of the IOS list in 30 countries and regions around the world. Up to now, the cumulative registered users worldwide have exceeded 700 million. Qin Yalin, general manager of Tencent Mutual Entertainment Tianmei F1 Studio, said that in recent years, the data of “QQ Speed” e-sports games have been rising. In 2020, the number of live viewers has exceeded 650 million, and the number of readings of relevant content of the year exceeded 2.52 billion. A total of 872 competitions were held each year, covering a total of 300,000 participants. In 2021, the “QQ Speed” dual-end event will usher in a comprehensive upgrade, launching the highest level of professional clubs throughout the year-the S-League Annual Finals. The clubs with the highest points in the spring and autumn of the S-League will compete for the highest honor of the year. .

In terms of the integration of e-sports and urban industries, the 2020 “QQ Speed” event has covered 22 cities across the country, and has developed in-depth cooperation with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Huizhou, and Chengdu. Among them, during the National Day, “QQ Speed”, Xinhua News Agency and the Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism jointly created the “Leap China, All the Way to Guizhou” plan, which deeply integrates cultural tourism, games, and e-sports, and taps the industrial and cultural value of “Treasure Guizhou” , To promote the development of the local cultural and tourism industry, and arouse widespread concern from all walks of life. In the future, the “Feiyue Huaxia” project will continue to develop and evolve.

In terms of business cooperation, the technological trendy brands that dare to leapfrog-Realme mobile phone, professional gameism-ROG collection, the world’s top supercar-Koenigsegg will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation with the “QQ Speed” event, jointly interpreting “while young The e-sports spirit of “be brave to win” provides more exciting content for young racing e-sports fans.

Create a borderless game inside and outside e-sports experience-“Cross Fire: Gunfight King” 2021 e-sports plan released

“Crossing the Line of Fire: Gun Fight King” has been widely acclaimed in the domestic FPS market since its release. Chen Kan, the publisher and producer of Tencent’s “Cross Fire”, pointed out that creating a new form of “ubiquitous” mobile e-sports is the goal and direction of everyone’s efforts. In 2021, “Crossing the Line of Fire: Gunfight King” will continue to explore in this direction, and realize the real popularization of mobile FPS e-sports through more ornamental and more intense professional events and wider coverage of popular events. Universalization.

Throughout 2020, the “Crossing the Line of Fire: Gunfight King” event has more than 5 billion viewers, and the total number of participants in all events exceeds 50,000. More than a dozen related e-sports games have been launched, and the number of participating players has reached 30 million+.

These achievements stem from “Crossing the Line of Fire: King of Guns” and Tianmei’s continuous pursuit of the development of FPS mobile gaming. In order to meet the needs of more mobile game players and mobile e-sports enthusiasts who love the FPS category, and to enhance the public influence of FPS mobile e-sports, “Cross Fire: Gunfight King” will continue to promote e-sports and game content in 2021. In-depth exploration and a series of new changes to the CFML e-sports system. This year’s “Cross the Line of Fire: Gunfight King” aims to create a borderless gaming experience inside and outside the game, enjoy watching, play, and explore new ways of integrating gaming games. I hope that through the continuous upgrade of product experience and the continuous improvement of the e-sports event system, everyone can from different levels, so that everyone in the different specifications of the “Cross the Line of Fire: Gunfight King” event to enjoy the fun of “fighting every moment” , To make FPS mobile gaming truly popular and universal.

Call of Duty Mobile Games Hot Online Global Esports Plan will be announced soon

“Call of Duty Mobile Game” (CODM for short) was officially launched on the national server at the end of 20th. As a competitive FPS mobile game product, it has been recognized by players across the country once it is launched, and it is also quite influential in the world. At the same time, CODM represents the first time that a domestic self-developed mobile game has won the highest honor in the game field—TGA Best Mobile Game Award. Based on CODM’s characteristics of integrating internationality, viewing and competition, Yao Yuan, general manager of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Tianmei J3 Studio, said that CODM’s global e-sports plan will be released with Activision Blizzard in the near future.

Stepping into the era of national e-sports-2021 “Glory of the King” e-sports strategy released

As the first e-sports project to resume offline viewing in 2020, e-sports Beijing 2020? King’s Glory World Champions Cup Finals has attracted 570 million people’s attention; above 3,600 meters above sea level, the King’s Glory National Competition was successfully held in Lhasa, Tibet , Became the first official e-sports event to be held in the plateau area; the Glory of the Kings event is steadily advancing towards the direction of national e-sports. Li Min, general manager of Tencent Mutual Entertainment Tianmei L2 Studio and producer of “Glory of the King”, introduced the current national e-sports system of the glory of the king-including the World Championship, Winter Championship, KPL, K Class, National Competition, and University League. And various authorized and cooperative events. In order to promote the development of national e-sports and attract more e-sports enthusiasts to compete on the same field, in 2021, the King of Glory e-sports event will invest 1 billion yuan in ecological expenses to build a national e-sports ecosystem. The core focus is on tournament bonuses, club support, The five dimensions of national participation, content ecology and event production, among which the national competition bonus and user incentive funds will be significantly increased. At the same time, the regional development of KPL clubs will continue to advance. With the DYG team landing at home in Shenzhen, currently 11 KPL clubs have completed the city home naming. The e-sports life circle built around the club’s home field will better integrate e-sports into various regions and activate the business circle economy. In addition, in the first half of 2021, Honor of Kings will also launch a brand-new self-hosted event tool, so that the organizer can organize events more conveniently, so that participating users can more easily find matches that suit them, and a large number of offline match points will be covered. All over the country. In the new year, the Pro League of Kings of Glory will link up with eight copyright platforms, covering multiple groups of people and multiple scenarios, and jointly build a better content ecology, meet the needs of different types of users, and bring a better era of national e-sports to the public.

Create the world’s leading e-sports production, broadcasting and competition ecology with the competition IP as the core

Relying on the overall R&D strength of Tencent Tianmei Studio, the national e-sports industry ecology centered on the event IP is gradually being completed. Through the event IP, multiple modules such as operation and R&D, content, education and employment, industrial cooperation, brokerage companies and clubs are closely connected to form a huge industrial ecology, which influence each other and achieve a win-win situation.

At the press conference, Zhang Yijia, general manager of Tencent Mutual Entertainment’s mobile e-sports business department and chairman of the KPL Alliance, announced that the Shenzhen e-sports production center was officially established and opened. Shenzhen E-sports Production Center is located in Huitong Building in the center of Nanshan District. It covers an area of ​​1,300 square meters. It will be equipped with a 120 square meter setting studio and a 90 square meter virtual studio. The production domain adopts the most advanced graphic packaging system and pure 4K video system architecture. Each production area can not only execute and produce various medium and large-scale events independently and remotely, but also support the production of multi-land unilateral signals for the same event. Through Tencent Cloud, Shenzhen E-sports Production Center can greatly reduce the risk and cost of signal transmission, and expand the event landing scene to more cities. In the future, the Shenzhen E-sports Production Center will not only be used for the production of professional league games, but will also better serve multiple events including King E-sports. In the future, the production centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen will better guarantee the high stability of production and provide cost-effective options for the production of different types of e-sports events, thereby creating a world-leading e-sports production, broadcasting and competition ecological cluster.

At home in Shenzhen, the glory deepens DYG e-sports club officially landed in Shenzhen

DYG E-Sports Club is one of the participating teams in the finals of the Winter Champions Cup. Since its establishment in 2016, the DYG club has maintained a high level of competition and won the championship in the 2020KPL Autumn Finals just past.

At the press conference, Yan Qi, general manager of DYG e-sports club, announced that the DYG club has officially landed in Shenzhen and changed its name to “Shenzhen DYG E-sports Club”. At the same time, a new club logo and team uniform were released. Yan Qi said that Shenzhen DYG will use its own online million-level user matrix as the starting point and bring new vitality to Shenzhen’s economic and cultural development through high-quality content and interactive activities in the vertical field of e-sports.


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