E-commerce floors have stopped selling portable iPhones after October 15?
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E-commerce floors have stopped selling portable iPhones after October 15? – VnReview

Most portable iPhones sold on e-commerce floors do not present legal documents.

Walking around e-commerce products such as Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB is introduced as imported goods with selling prices ranging from 27-29.5 million. Meanwhile, Apple is selling this product for the equivalent of 28.9 million dong.

In Vietnam, this iPhone model is distributed by retailers such as Gioi Di Dong and FPT Shop for 32-34 million VND.

This raises the question “why is there this price gap when Apple has only one selling price?”

iPhone does not invoice VAT

Responding to Zing, former Apple Vietnam manager said that products with lower prices than those with code VN / A are imported through official duty because of tax evasion.

Hand-picked goods will be hunted from tax havens. In some US states, the tax on buying the iPhone is only 2-3%, even 0%. Some countries like Singapore offer 7% tax refund for foreign purchases. Then, the iPhone was shipped to Vietnam. Instead of using the 7% refundable tax to pay 10% VAT, they run away“, said former Apple Vietnam manager.

iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB sold on the e-commerce floor for less than the genuine Apple price.

According to this person, Apple’s partners in Vietnam such as The Gioi Di Dong, Viettel, FPT Shop will buy wholesale iPhones at the same retail prices as users. The retailer’s final selling price includes 10% VAT, operating costs, and margins. Therefore, iPhone VN / A products with official distribution are always 25% more expensive than tax-evasive portable goods. And even if the full 10% VAT is paid, the laptop is still cheaper than the retailer’s price.

This is a portable product, so there is no VAT invoice – the representative of the iPhone booth on the Shopee trade floor.

In addition, a number of retailers in foreign countries that are stuck in goods are also willing to push prices deeply. Vietnamese traders will hunt for goods from these sources, making the portable iPhone even cheaper“, the former Apple manager said.

Thus, the booths selling iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB priced under VND 29 million are mostly smuggled goods. The reporter contacted several stores on all three trading floors, all of which said there were no VAT invoices.

In Vietnam, on August 26, the Government issued Decree 98/2020 / ND-CP, effective from October 15. With the sanction increased from 2-3 times for smuggled goods, this Decree can have a great impact on the hand-carried goods traders, including the iPhone.

Disclaimer policy

In reply to Zing, all three e-commerce platforms Tiki, Shopee, Lazada all have the same answer formula: Having strict policies, always complying with the law, will remove infringing products when detecting or when receiving feedback from the brand owner, community of sellers or buyers on the floor.

E-commerce floors have stopped selling portable iPhones after October 15?

Most portable iPhones sold on e-commerce floors do not present legal documents.

Shopee complies with relevant laws on responsibilities of e-commerce trading floors in the spirit of Article 4, Clause 4 of Circular 47/2014 / TT-BCT dated December 5, 2014 on the responsibilities of traders / organizations providing e-commerce services: ‘Removing from the website information of selling counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, smuggled goods, goods infringing intellectual property rights and other illegal goods and services upon discovering or receiving a substantive response to such information‘”, said a Shopee representative.

Meanwhile, the representative of Lazada said that the floor always applies a strict platform management policy as well as respects the relevant legal regulations.

Lazada regularly actively reviews and removes infringing products when it detects or receives feedback from the brand owner, the community of sellers or buyers on the floor … and at the same time provides the necessary handling form from suspend to permanently close the store to provide users with a secure and reliable e-commerce platform“, Lazada representative said.

All goods need proof of origin before being sold- Assoc. Dinh Trong Thinh, Head of International Financial Management Department, Academy of Finance

As for Tiki, this trading floor requires business stall owners to sign commitments on the origin of the products, and ensure that the product has sufficient documents and invoices to prove the origin of the products. origin when required.

For violating booths, Tiki will apply sanctions to ensure compliance with the law, and stop doing business permanently with violating Sellers.“, Tiki representative said.

In reply to Zing, Assoc. Dinh Trong Thinh, Head of International Financial Management Department, Academy of Finance said that the problem lies in the post-review policy. “All merchandise requires proof of origin before being sold. It is impossible to spread contraband goods for sale and then handle them after they are discovered or reported by users“, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dinh Trong Thinh said.

According to Mr. Thinh, the e-commerce floors are like a market management board. Market management is partly responsible for the lack of control, allowing the market stalls to occur violations.

At the same time, Mr. Thinh said that e-commerce floors need to have more rigorous review technology. “After completing the sales procedure, many shop owners can still mix pirated and fake goods to continue selling.“, Mr. Thinh added.

Pirated iPhones have a serious impact

Portable goods cause a lot of damage to Vietnam. According to the data of an iPhone importer, in 2019, when the official iPhone returned to Vietnam about 1 million units, the portable products were sold up to 1.2 to 1.3 million units.

Taking the average price of an iPhone model is $ 700, Vietnam has lost nearly $ 100 million in taxes on portable goods“, said the representative of this importer.

Not only the iPhone, the model of the e-commerce floor is supporting a series of other items with signs of smuggling such as clothing, shoes, and electronic components.

If only following the model of responsible for sellers, deleting products when having feedback, e-commerce floors will continue to be fertile ground for smuggled goods.

According to the Zing

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