'Dynamite' MV BTS' Jungkook Vocal and Visual, the public → K-pop fan made'..."Call me Jungkook Jackson"

‘Dynamite’ MV BTS’ Jungkook Vocal and Visual, the public → K-pop fan made’…”Call me Jungkook Jackson”

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American media reported that Jungkook of the group BTS got the nickname’Jungkook Jackson’ after the music video of the new song’Dynamite’ (dynamite) was released.

Recently, the American media’allkpop’ reported that Jungkook was able to digest the vocals and movements of pop singers in a dynamite music video, and the general public gave it the nickname “Jungkook Jackson.”

Next, Jungkook explained that on the day of the release of BTS’s dynamite, it recorded the highest worldwide (worldwide) trend among the group members, attracting endless interest and craze for the general public.

On the actual day, around 1:30 pm, the social network service’Twitter’ ranked first in the world-wide (worldwide) trend, followed by’#DynamiteToday’, second place’#BTSDynamite’, and Jungkook became the highest among members with’JUNGKOOK’. Prove an explosive reaction around the world.

According to another article reported by’All K-Pop’ on the 21st (local time), after the release of dynamite, Jungkook’s vocals and visuals received a lot of attention on local Twitter, and his name became a trend. About “Who is he”, he said he expressed his curiosity.

The media also mentioned in Yahoo News that “Jungkook turned locals into K-pop fans.”

Along with this, the media reported that Korean men expressed amazement at Jungkook’s beauty and vocals and called it “the highlight of a super hit”.

On the day of the release of the music video, Jungkook’s high-level English pronunciation also became a hot topic among fans.

On the other hand, Korean star broadcaster Koo Ja-hyung dealt with the comparative analysis of each member and world legends while publishing BTS’s 2nd peace edition’BTS 7′.

Ja-hyung Koo compared Jungkook to Michael Jackson.

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