Dynamic little sheep YAMAHA 2021 style “JOG” new color

YAMAHA JAPAN has announced a few days ago that it will release the dynamic and popular 50cc light-speed reachable car models JOG Deluxe and JOG 2021 new colors, which will be sold in Japan on March 3.

In the 2021 style, JOG Deluxe added high-quality matte black with 3D three-dimensional electroplated silver car nameplates, JOG added matte green and brown, as for JOG Deluxe’s current blue, and JOG’s matte silver and black , White will continue to be sold.

JOG is a speedy car that focuses on expressing retro sports style. Not only does the engine have excellent fuel consumption performance and environmental protection standards, but it is also equipped with equipment that is quite convenient for daily commuting, such as front and rear interlocking brakes and idling stop system. .

JOG Deluxe

Suggested price in Japan: 183,700 yen (tax included)

Frosted Metal Bullet Black (Frosted Black/New Color)

Atmospheric metallic blue (blue)


Suggested price in Japan: 170,500 yen (tax included)

Frosted Metallic Green (Frosted Green/New Color)

Tabby metallic brown (brown/new color)

Matte metallic silver (matt silver)

Graphite black (black)

Rose white (white)

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