Dynamic design, effective noise cancellation

Launched for the first time at the CES 2022 technology fair, Elite 4 Active is the latest product in the list of Jabra sports headphones. Although not the most expected technology item by users, Jabra Elite 4 Active is still an attractive choice thanks to its high configuration level for the money. The pair of headphones offers active noise cancellation, good battery life, and an ideal design to deliver the best experience during sports sessions.

In theory, the Elite 4 Active is a pair of quality wireless headphones, giving people a good music experience during practice sessions. The pair of headphones provide a comfortable wearing experience, and are also IPX4 water and sweat resistant.

However, the Elite 4 Active are not the best sounding headphones in the segment. Specifically, the product is limited in terms of soundstage, especially when compared to higher quality headphones. In addition, the noise canceling feature of the Jabra Elite 4 Active is only at an acceptable level.

Even so, the Jabra Elite 4 Active is still a good choice if you are looking for an affordable and durable pair of sports headphones.

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Specifications of Jabra Elite 4 Active

  • Design form: Headphones Earbuds, true wireless
  • Drivers: Dynamic, 6mm
  • Impedance: 20 ohm
  • Estimated battery life: 7 hours (28 hours if charging case is included)
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2

Jabra Elite 4 Active

Jabra Elite 4 Active: Design

Released in color versions including black, navy and green, the Jabra Elite 4 Active has the same build quality as the wireless headphones that the company has made before. Elite 4 Active owns a modern and minimalist design language, suitable for all different use cases.

The pair of headphones has a mid-range design, combined with a pair of properly sized tips to help provide a comfortable wearing experience during use. In addition, the product also comes with a variety of tips with different sizes, allowing you to freely adjust to get the best experience.

The design of the Elite 4 Active is IP57 water and dust resistant, allowing you to comfortably use the headphones during exercise without much worry. Each ear is equipped with a physical button, which is used to change music, increase or decrease the volume, manage calls and interact with the virtual assistant.

In addition, on each side of the headset, there is a small LED dot, which informs users of the current approximate battery life. Located on the front of the charging case, there is also an LED dot with the same function. The entire outer shell of the box is made of plastic, with a clamshell-shaped lid and is charged via the USB Type-C port on the back. This box has an uncertain build quality, and this is common in headsets in this price segment.

Jabra Elite 4 Active

Jabra Elite 4 Active: Audio Performance

Similar to other headsets produced by Jabra, the Elite 4 Active gives listeners a comfortable audio experience, but this sound quality is not considered top quality in the segment.

Located inside each earphone is equipped with a dynamic driver with a diameter of 6mm. The Elite 4 Active’s signature sound quality can be customized via the EQ settings inside the Jabra Sound+ companion app.

The distinctive sound quality of the Jabra Elite 4 Active is tilted towards the dark side, with an emphasized bass range, providing a good experience for many different genres of music. However, in terms of soundstage, Jabra Elite 4 Active cannot be compared with headphones in the higher price segment, such as the Sony WF-1000XM4 and Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus.

The Elite 4 Active’s active noise cancellation feature is pretty good, but not too impressive. The pair of headphones has the ability to partially block outside noise, giving listeners a quiet enough space to enjoy different genres of music. Users can use the companion app to customize the feature’s modes, but we didn’t notice much difference in actual use.

Jabra Elite 4 Active also supports crosstalk listening, with the name given by the company as “HearThrough”. With this feature, users can clearly hear all sounds coming from the surrounding without necessarily removing the pair of headphones from their ears.

Jabra Elite 4 Active: Battery life and connectivity

According to the manufacturer, Jabra Elite 4 Active can last 28 hours if including the charging box. When used independently, the battery life of the pair of headphones is estimated to be about 7 hours. Jabra Elite 4 Active has a longer battery life than competing products on the market like Apple Airpods 3 and Sony WF-1000XM4.

Elite 4 Active has a fairly fast battery charging speed. During our actual use, the pair of headphones could recharge for 2 hours of usage time from just 15 minutes of charging.

Supported by Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection standard, Elite 4 Active has stable connection performance, allowing me to comfortably use for a long time without experiencing connection loss.


Buy it if…

Are you looking for a pair of headphones to use during exercise sessions?
With a compact design and high build quality, Jabra Elite 4 Active is an ideal pair of headphones to accompany you during sports sessions.

You need to find a pair of headphones with a long battery life
With an estimated battery life of up to 28 hours, the Jabra Elite 4 Active is one of the longest-lasting Bluetooth headphones in its segment.

Are you looking for an affordable pair of headphones?
Although there are headsets with better sound quality on the market, affordable, feature-rich models like the Jabra Elite 4 Active are quite rare at the moment.

Don’t buy if…

You want the most complete music experience
Although providing a pleasant sound quality, the soundstage level of the Jabra Elite 4 Active is not wide enough to give listeners the best sound experience.

You need a pair of headphones with high noise cancellation performance
Although sufficient, the Elite 4 Active’s noise cancellation cannot be compared with higher-end models, such as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.

Do you have a habit of forgetting to turn off the music when you remove the headphones from your ears?
Because it is not equipped with the necessary sensors, the Jabra Elite 4 Active lacks the ability to automatically turn off the music every time you remove the headphones from your ears. This can have a big impact on battery life if you’re a forgetful person.

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Plus mark

  • Clear, easy-to-listen sound
  • Possessing many useful features
  • Long battery life
  • Noise canceling has good performance for the money

Minus point

  • Auto-off music is not supported
  • Narrow soundstage

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