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During the Spring Festival Gala, Yang Mi, Jinchen, and Li Qin were in the same frame.

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(First release) The CCTV Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast in 2021. This year can be described as a year of star gatherings. Among them, Yang Mi’s appearance on the Spring Festival Gala has attracted the attention of many netizens, because this is the first stage of Yang Mi’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala. According to Yang Mi’s talent attributes, it is obvious that Yang Mi is performing singing. In fact, most star artists are mainly singing. Now before the Spring Festival Gala is officially broadcast, there is “When the Spring Festival Gala is in progress”. Yang Mi came to the show and attracted attention.

Yang Mi Jinchen Li Qin in the same frame

When Yang Mi Jinchen Li Qin Spring Festival Evening

On the evening of February 9th, the “2021 Spring Festival Gala” program was recorded and broadcast live. Many stars who appeared on the Spring Festival Gala came to the show. Among them, Yang Mi, Jin Chen and Li Qin came together and should sing on the same stage. It can be seen that Yang Mi is wearing a dark red dress, Jin Chen is wearing a white print dress, and Li Qin is a bright red dress. It must be said that the three people on the same stage are very eye-catching, and they are also the most eye-catching stars in the entire show. artist.

Yang Mi Jinchen speaks at the same time

During the stage, Yang Mi and others greeted the audience, but at this time a small oolong appeared that made Yang Mi apologize to Jin Chen at the beginning, of course it was the host’s pot. After Yang Mi introduced himself, the host added “Say Happy New Year”. It can be seen that Jin Chen has just raised the microphone and just introduced himself. Yang Mi went on to say “Happy New Year, Happy Year of the Ox”. Chen put down the microphone, and Yang Mi turned to Jin Chen and said “I’m sorry”.

Yang Mi Jinchen Li Qin five consecutive shots

Yang Mi Jinchen Li Qin five consecutive shots

Yang Mi Jinchen Li Qin five consecutive shots

Yang Mi Jinchen Li Qin five consecutive shots

Yang Mi Jinchen Li Qin five consecutive shots

Of course, the above is just a small episode. The host of Yang Mi, Jinchen, Li Qin and the three on the same stage said that the most anticipated is the five-shot, because the three of them are big beauties, it will definitely be very interesting, as can be seen from the above pictures Yang Mi, Jinchen, Li Qin, and Li Qin’s combined five shots sometimes pouted, sometimes grinned, and sometimes covered the face. All in all, they are beautiful and funny.

Jin Chen imitates Song Dandan Oye

Li Qin sings to Yang Di

When the host asked what was the deepest thing about the Spring Festival Gala, Jin Chen said that he likes language programs very much, and gave an example of the phrase “Laying the cock, the fighter in the cock, Ouye” in Song Dandan’s sketch. Then he said that he still has to like to direct himself. Let’s do it. With the encouragement of the host, Jin Chen put down his burden and performed this sentence incisively and very interestingly. Li Qin said that he likes the song “Unforgettable Tonight” because the pitch is higher, and Yang Di helped Li Qin to talk Yang Di came to sing, and it was finished.

Yang Mi expressed his deep impression on martial arts programs

Yang Mi, Jinchen, Li Qin and others

With the lessons learned from the previous two, Yang Mi finally said that he prefers martial arts programs. Obviously Yang Mi can’t perform martial arts, so he performed “Avalokitesvara of Thousand Hands” in a compromise. After that, everyone on the stage cooperated to perform the program. It can be seen that Yang Mi Standing in the front and doing the starting pose, Jin Chen, Li Qin and the host extended their hands to cooperate. I have to say that there is a tacit understanding, which is very good.

Yang Mi and others play a game of carrot squatting

Finally, Yang Mi, Jin Chen, Li Qin and the host played a session about the Spring Festival custom radish squat. The few people played very joyously, and it was even more exciting to look forward to the performance of the three beautiful women.



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