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During the New Year’s Day, the three major game tracks “predict” the trend this year?


Chinese New Year games have become a highly engaged category of entertainment during the holiday season. Although the new games during the Spring Festival do not have the intuitive data display of the box office of the Spring Festival movies, the games announced during the New Year have always been more concerned. Whether a blockbuster game can be launched during this period is also one of the important criteria for judging a manufacturer’s business stability and performance growth level.

Casual games have to watch Ohayoo

Bytedance has found a track that perfectly fits its own resources. Ohayoo has contracted the Spring Festival highlights of the free list, which seems to indicate the trend of casual games in the next year.

Ohayoo’s new work “Master of Emerald” has been on the App Store free list since February 5th, and this game has continued to dominate the list ever since. As a “stone-cutting” mini game, the theme of “Master of Emerald” is actually very “non-domestic”, but it is one of the genres that has already been developed in the Western market.

First of all, the stone-cutting game of “Master of Emerald” can be said to be an Internet celebrity category. Searching for the keyword Woodturning on the tubing, you can see a large number of “log cutting” videos with tens of millions of views. Cutting has also been developed later. Prank videos of various strange objects. This kind of theme of cutting a piece of rough stone/log into a shape and pattern cuts the boredom of netizens, but has spawned this magical game theme.

As a typical ultra-casual game, “Master of Emerald” is truly understandable in its approach to the international market. The developer Kunpo has produced “Ancient Gods” and “Gong Baku Granny”. At the same time, it also owns popular games including “Virus Eradication”, “Far Place” and “Traveling String”, which can be called a hit maker. Kunpo, who is good at casual/mini games, and supplemented by the headline resources behind Ohayoo, it is not surprising that “Master of Emerald” can dominate the list during the Spring Festival.

However, the tonality between “Master of Emerald” and TapTap has conflicted. Although Ohayoo itself is deeply settled in TapTap, this small game has too frequent advertisements and the close relationship between advertisements and resource acquisition. The score on TapTap is not optimistic. . However, another game that started testing recently, “Chasing the Light: Set Sail”, has 520,000 followers and an amazing score of 9.5 points. And this idle game with hard science fiction as the background obviously fits the tonality of TapTap users completely, and it currently ranks top 10 on the TapTap hot list.

Obviously, Ohayoo hopes to use both Apple’s and Android’s two giant channels, so it differentiates into two completely different types on the casual game track, one is to adapt to Ohayoo’s small game + built-in advertising model, and the other is to adapt to TapTap. Ohayoo’s niche subject matter + light payment is not even compatible with each other, but Ohayoo’s actions are indeed very shrewd when he wants to eat the two main channels of the domestic market.

In contrast, during the Chinese New Year last year, the popularity of the online earning game “Little America Fighting the Landlords” also relied on Toutiao channels, especially the distribution and dissemination effects of Douyin. However, the main body of “Little America Fighting Landlords” still belongs to Yao after all. Remember technology rather than byte beating. But this year’s casual game’s perspective is focused on Ohayoo. ByteDance has gradually shifted to the brand building of Ohayoo and Chaoxi Guangnian from the initial cooperative release track, and it is likely to lead in the leisure field next. A situation of “one super, many strong”.

The “Synthetic Watermelon” craze apparently lasted until this Spring Festival a year ago. Not only did dozens of similar games on dual platforms have emerged one after another, but also on the game + long video gathering place at station B, it also spawned countless hot videos. Today, new works with high hits continue to appear.

As a magical little game, “Synthetic Watermelon” is even an unprecedented success, but the taint of this game has indeed planted hidden thunder. Years ago (February 7) the game’s red envelope system attracted the attention of China News. The built-in promotion cooperation of the game contained a large number of inductive recharge advertisements, such as “recharge 19.9 yuan to receive 100 yuan mobile phone bill” and other promotional packages .

In fact, these “gifts” are false propaganda and have constituted fraudulent acts. This is a minefield that must not be touched in the current standardized game market, but “Synthetic Watermelon” is not launched on mainstream platforms, or even as a traditional one. In the sense of the game design, this kind of gray routine only attracted attention after the game attracted a large number of users outside the circle. According to the statistics of Zhongxin, more than 1.66 million people received a promotion for 100 yuan of mobile phone bills. The amount exceeds 30 million yuan.

However, there is still no report on the handling of the main micro-umbrella game of “Synthetic Watermelon”. The micro-umbrella game has also landed the game on TapTap, and the topic at station B is still active.

Paid list: high value-added issuance pattern has taken shape

In the field of paid games, the unique “Rebirth Cell” of Station B and the unique “Muse Dash” of led the way in the Spring Festival. During 2.3-2.6, “Rebirth Cell” dominated the free list during the initial launch period, and then, since February 7th, “Muse Dash” regained the top spot with a major update during the Spring Festival.

From the perspective of the game itself, “Rebirth Cell” is transplanted from the terminal game “Dead Cell”. In 2018, it won the TGA Best Action Game Award (and entered the annual game nomination). Generally speaking, it can enter the TGA annual game list to compete for independent games. They are all “skilled works” with outstanding comprehensive ability and brilliant mechanism innovation, especially in action games. Both “Azure” and “Hades” have been shortlisted for this award. “Rebirth Cell” enters the mobile field. From the perspective of the creativity of the game mechanism, it is basically a ceiling-level powerhouse. It happens to be a popular action game type in recent years. Although the mobile terminal is adapted, the operation needs to be polished. , But the overall quality has the potential for long-term profitability.

And “Muse Dash” was a blockbuster at the beginning of its launch in 2018. It is a top dark horse masterpiece in China, Japan and South Korea. Although it has experienced a low period in the middle, it was once heated by Douyin in the second half of 2020 and has now ranked first in the paid list. . A major version update during the Spring Festival-including 22 new songs and a large number of material updates, has made it rise to the top of the paid list, becoming the “selling crown” of the Spring Festival file, which shows its long-term strength.

On the other hand, these two games belong to the two giants of independent games, and they are also very intriguing. The biggest common point between Station B and is that the appealing power in the player base and the stock market is unparalleled, but they have achieved rising market value with “invisible short-term profit”. The capital market Expected value is already the absolute top position in game stocks.

This is undoubtedly an important signal. Although Station B and Xindong Network are not good at self-research, their power of speech and resources in single-generation games have fully demonstrated the huge realizable value of the platform ecology.

The miracle of the best seller

When everyone thinks it is difficult to shake the top of the best-selling list, some manufacturers that were not originally considered the first echelon are quietly rewriting the future.

There is always no shortage of miracles coming from behind in the best-selling list, and the flowing water is always the most comprehensive attention. Mihayou, Lilith, and Gibbet, these manufacturers who were not originally considered the first echelon, are using their own methods to corner and overtake, and even give stronger market confidence to a certain extent.

As the leader of the second dimension of Miha Tour, the head product “Yuan Shen” continued to maintain high popularity during the Spring Festival. The new version “Ming Xiao Sheng Hai Ping” was updated on February 3, coupled with the good winter holiday and Spring Festival files, it is again pulled A wave of cute new people entered the pit, and this was also the first long holiday that Yuanshen ushered in after the official launch. After the official experience, some new players believe that the quality of “Original God” is actually better than expected, which also brings a small increase in its TapTap score.

Sensor Tower recently announced on the global mobile game revenue list for January, “Yuan Shen” continued to rank fourth, with a turnover of 153 million US dollars, slightly lower than December’s 164 million US dollars.

Another very eye-catching game is Thunder Games (Gigabit)’s “Yi Nian Xiaoyao”, as an atypical and heavy game, “Yi Nian Xiaoyao” has been steadily ranked in the top 20 best sellers since its launch in early February. Anticipation in the early game.

“Yi Nian Xiaoyao” itself is not a heavy game, but a placement game. The game can jump to the top of the bestseller list for three reasons:

First, the Thunder game itself is already very familiar with the framework, that is, the “casual gameplay + large system + light payment + vegetable collection” framework. Previously, “Immortal Journey”, “Unbelievable Labyrinth”, and “Greed Cave” belong to this category. The rising water ecology is unique in the domestic market.

The second is that the martial arts/cultivation theme is now in the bonus period. Since “Taiwu Picture Scrolls” opened up this feng shui treasure, there have been cultivating types of martial arts casual games out of the circle, including “The Great Simulator of Cultivation”, ” “My Knight”, “Happy Thoughts”, and another PC game from Gigabit, “Ghost Valley Bahuang”, even has 40,000+ reviews and more than 100,000 simultaneous online users on Steam, which broke in one fell swoop With the domestically top-class status of “Taiwu Picture Scrolls”, Gigabit has a mature understanding of the commercialization of this type.

The third is the bonus for the Spring Festival. The launch of “One Thought Happy” a year ago must have the meaning of using this game as this year’s signature masterpiece, and it also highlights Gbitt’s ease in product selection and online rhythm.

From the beginning of “Unbelievable Game” in the paid list circuit, now “Immortal Journey”, “The Blade of the Devil”, and “One Thoughts” are on the bestseller list and the heavy games are competing with each other, Thunder Game (Gigabit) is already obvious Turning to the heavy flow track, it has indeed rewritten the situation where the heavy game monopolizes the bestseller list.

From the perspective of the opening pattern led by the Spring Festival stalls, the game market is ushering in a new boutique pattern. Small games, two-dimensional, and boutique publishers are gradually attracting players’ enthusiasm for participation. Perhaps the mobile game market is about to change. .

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