Dukan diet: principles and step by step

Dukan diet: principles and step by step

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THE Dukan diet receives its name due to its creator, the French doctor Dukan, who also published a book ‘Je ne sais pas maigrir’ (I cannot lose weight, in the Portuguese version). This diet is based on massive protein consumption and it is done in four phases. The Dukan diet has become a very popular diet in Europe, especially in France. However, it is important to know its principles, steps and its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Protein-rich diet

  • Side effects of the Dukan diet

  • Dukan diet menu

  • Dukan diet stages

    • Attack phase

    • Introduction phase of vegetables

    • Consolidation phase

    • Stabilization phase

  • How many pounds is it possible to lose

Protein-rich diet

The Dukan diet proposes a diet high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates to make the body use its fat reserves to get the energy it needs. In this way, with the Dukan diet a person begins to lose fat, but preserves his muscle mass. In addition, proteins relieve the feeling of hunger so there is no need to consume too many calories.

Side effects of the Dukan diet

Although the Dukan diet helps you lose weight immediately, it can cause lack of nutrients or vitamins and lead to the appearance of other side effects, especially in the attack phase. It is necessary that the person receives medical care.

Dukan diet menu

The Dukan diet menu will depend on the phase of the regime the patient finds himself. At times, for example, consumption should be exclusive of proteins. Soon, meals will be based on meats and dairy products. At other times, vegetables will also be part of the patient’s diet.

Dukan diet stages

Attack phase

THE attack phase is the first phase of the diet and lasts for five to seven days. During this period, the patient should only consume pure proteins (PP).

Introduction phase of vegetables

This phase should extend until the person achieve expected weight loss. During this phase, the person can switch from a period of exclusive use of pure proteins (PP) to a period of alternate consumption of proteins and vegetables.

Consolidation phase

The consolidation phase will last about 10 days per kilo lost. The goal of this phase is for the person to be able to maintain their weight without regaining the pounds lost. So the success of the diet is consolidated. During this stage, the person can eat whatever he wants, twice a week.

Stabilization phase

The stabilization phase is the longest, since it is prolonged throughout life of the patient. The objective of this step is that the person learns to maintain their weight by eating in a balanced way, without excesses.

How many pounds is it possible to lose

With the Dukan diet, a person can lose four to five pounds in the first week during the attack phase, and eight to ten pounds in the first month.

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