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Ducati launched the Panigale V2 White Rosso in a charming white color

The white Ducso Panigale V2 White Rosso is a version that adds color options besides the signature Red Essense red model of Ducati that has been launched before.

Panigale V2 White Rosso is coated with high-quality pearl white, besides … Ducati has also cleverly used the red markings on the car sockets, radiator vents or 2 sides of the car and cast wheels as a highlight.


Ducati Panigale V2 is considered a new sport-bike version to replace Panigale 959. Details that make Ducatista very satisfied is the design of Panigale V2 similar to the super product Panigale V4.


The Panigale V2 is equipped with a Superquadro V-Twin engine similar to the Panigale 959, with a capacity of 955cc, combined with a 6-speed gearbox and a two-way Quickshifter system. The Panigale V2 has a power of 155 horsepower at 10750 rpm and a maximum torque of 104 Nm at 9000 rpm, 5 times more powerful than the Panigale 959 horsepower and 2 Nm.


The 2020 Panigale White White Rosso will officially go on sale in July 2020. As soon as it appeared, Panigale V2 made the Ducatista appreciate the design. This will be a “easier” option for enthusiasts of the Panigale V4 design, but the price is softer, the L-Twin Superquadro 955cc engine is more than enough to meet the speed needs.


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