Du Songqin Bagaru Buddhist Association visits inauguration and song contest in February 9th


(Miri 20th) Miri Dusong Khyentse Baja Ruddha will hold “2020 Chinese New Year Reunion, New Director Inauguration Ceremony and Accommodation” on the second floor of Furama Restaurant at 6:30 pm on Sunday, February 9th. “Singing Chinese New Year Songs Open” welcomes buddha friends from all walks of life to buy meal coupons.

The Buddhist Association will also hold the inauguration ceremony of the new director in the evening of 2020-2021, and respectfully invite the Minister of Transport, Datuk Dr. Li Jingsheng as the inauguration watcher, and the Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Arts, Datuk Chen Chaoyao. witness.

In addition to celebrating the Lunar New Year at the banquet of the 2020 Gongzi New Year Party, at the same time, you can watch the finals of the “Opening Song Chinese New Year Songs Singing Open”. At that time, 16 singers who will enter the finals will present a series of Chinese New Year songs. .

Relevant meals are divided into sponsored meals and ordinary meals. Sponsored meals are more than RM1,000 per table, and ordinary meals are worth RM500 per table (RM50). People from all walks of life who are interested in buying tickets can contact the ticket officer Deng Xiaocui and Book (telephone 016-8726866), or go directly to the Buddhist Church Lot 2111 on the second floor of the Buddhist shop next to Pasar No. 10 Zhuba Road (upstairs refrigerated shop) to Deng Yinghua (telephone 016 -8539698) purchase, Miri Dusong Khyentse Bachariah Buddhist Temple contact number 085-414101.

We hereby list the 2020-2021 advisory board and the new council members of the Miri Dusunqin Bagaru Buddhist Association:
Permanent Honorary Advisor: Xu Baohan
Permanent Honorary Chairman: Wu Keming
Affairs consultants: Peng Xin’e, He Jianzhong, Zhou Xianggui, Liu Zhiguang
Advisors: Lu Zhongguang, Fang Zhengyi, Yang Heming, Zhuang Baoshan, Lin Minxiang, Chen Kunming, Chen Yingjie, Lin Xiangshun, He Jinzhong,
Wu Kecheng City Councillor, Liang Guoxiang, Cai Xioxiong, Dou Wulin, Cai Meijin
Chairman: Wen Wuping
Vice-Chairman: Gu Meichang
Secretary: Yang Biqian
Deputy Secretary: Guan Yunni
Finance: Wei Yunyun
Deputy Finance: Deng Xiaocui
PR: Xuemei Zhang

Wen Wuping (4th from left) handed over the invitation letter for the Chinese New Year Spring Festival to the permanent honorary consultant Xu Baohan (middle).


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