DTCL Season 5: Hot lesson plan Kled Devil is very happy with his hands

Instructions for playing the extremely hot Kled Devil carry squad in version 11.13 DTCL season 5 after the Devil generals received a mass boost!

With the buff of almost all Devil generals and Kled himself in the last 11.13 patch, Kled is becoming one of the few 1 gold champions that can carry the team extremely well. Besides, Poppy and Ziggs are also buffed at the 3-star mark, making slowrolling of the Devil squad with Kled carry very hot on all servers.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • This is an extremely easy to play lineup that is easy to win because of its simple operation.
  • The gameplay is interesting and fun when witnessing the eye-catching flips from the “mini” Devil generals after the main body is defeated.
  • Extremely high damage due to high attack speed.
  • The source of damage is diverse when there is both magic and physical damage, making it difficult for enemies to defend.


  • With any 3-star general roll formation, not being able to get to 3 stars is always the biggest drawback.
  • Because it is a large-scale damage squad, it will be very difficult if you have to face squads with a lot of resistance or good recovery like Angels or Armor, etc.
  • You’ll need Teemo in the late game to both deal damage to the backline and slow down the enemy’s attack speed to prevent the tank from evaporating too quickly and causing Kled to get focussed to kill him early.

Style play

Early game

Since this is a squad that requires a 3-star champion, we will need to accumulate a large amount of profit, so if you don’t have a strong starting lineup, play the losing streak and only buy 1 Devil champions gold to maximize returns. You can skip Kennen and Lulu if you get out early because these 2 champions are quite expensive and this will affect the slowroll accumulation in the mid game.

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There is a small note that will help you play the losing streak and still keep good health. That is instead of prioritizing full-type attacks, you should use high-damage champions to kill as many enemy champions as possible, such as Viktor, Kha’zix, Kalista and of course Ziggs. Since we basically won’t buy any experience once in the early game, with only 4 champions in the early game, you need to prioritize minimizing health damage from losing streaks.


This is where you slowroll at level 5, usually starting from round 3-2. For those of you who don’t know, slowroll means that we will only roll champions with profit and then stop at 50 gold, let the next round roll again, repeat until we get to the 3 star champion we need.

For Demons using the main Kled, the optimal would be 5 Devils at level 5 to give Kled attack speed, but if not, using 3 Devils and adding 1 Knight, 1 Knight will also is a stable enough formation to keep blood. Below is the standard lineup that is often used by gamers when there is no Lulu to activate 5 Devils.

DTCL Season 5: Hot lesson plan Kled Devil is very happy with his hands

You can completely replace Sejuani with Hecarim, Nautilus with Thresh or Leona, but the Sejuani and Nautilus pair will give you a huge amount of control as well as a somewhat superior resistance.

During slowroll, the time you level up will be after owning Kled and Poppy 3 stars, and Ziggs is not too necessary because you will not have equipment for this champion.

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In round 4-2, if you still do not have enough Kled and Poppy 3 stars, roll hard until you get 3 stars and level up because at this stage a squad with 5 generals will no longer have enough power for you. keep blood.

When you reach level 6, 7 add yourself new Knight champions to activate 3 and 4 more Knights for Kled to add resistance.

End of the match

At the end of the game, the formation you want to aim for will be 5 Devils, 3 Knights, 2 Knights and 2 Armor as shown in the image below.

DTCL Season 5: Hot lesson plan Kled Devil is very happy with his hands

However, if you have Devil’s Seal, you can completely play 7 Devils and feel Kled’s amazing sweeping ability with 125% bonus attack speed from the Devil type.

At this stage, only physical damage from Kled is somewhat lacking, so consider getting more equipment for Teemo.

Because Kled’s equipment will have Lien Thanh Cannon, please pay attention to place this champion in the 2nd row to avoid taking damage as well as controlling early to be able to deal more damage.

Always keep Kled with Ziggs and Lulu. The reason is because Lulu will buff Kled’s attack speed as well as Ziggs throw bombs to “soften” enemy champions so that Kled can finish and receive more Death Sword stacks as soon as possible.

Consider activating more Mysterious if you feel like there are too many opponents using their main magic damage in the match.



  • Lien Thanh Cannon both provides high attack speed and helps Kled keep a safe distance, avoiding entering melee range that is unnecessarily controlled.
  • Runaan’s Rage will overcome Kled’s weakness that is to deal single-target damage, if you have a dark version of this equipment, even better.
  • The Death Sword will be an equipment that helps Kled scale better thanks to the ability to accumulate physical damage each time participating in the kill.


  • The Dark Lightning Crossbow is extremely suitable on Poppy in the Devil squad because it will almost not affect the main Kled because it does not use energy, so it does not get jerks, but it gives Poppy a large amount of magic power to cause damage. damage as well as create a greater shield.
  • The remaining 2 equipment will be divided into 2 combos but with the same purpose of increasing as much armor and magic resistance as possible and blocking critical damage, choose 1 of 2 depending on what you have:
    • Thorn Armor + Dragon Claw.
    • Dark Thorn Armor + Dark Dragon’s Claw.


  • The equipment deals magic damage, not too picky because you will have to put items for Kled and Poppy first.

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