Drug trafficking Hells sentenced to nine years in prison

Drug trafficking Hells sentenced to nine years in prison

Head of a drug trafficking network, Hells Angel Claude Gauthier has just been sentenced to serve nine years in prison.

The biker who has just celebrated his 53 years was convicted in November 2020 of gangsterism, conspiracy, cocaine trafficking and concealment.

Gauthier was arrested in April 2019 following an investigation called Orque, led by the National Organized Crime Repression Squad (ENRCO) led by the Sûreté du Québec.

The Hells of Trois-Rivières was the “boss” of a network of traffickers which controlled and operated the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu sector.

Three kilos per month

While the crown demanded 12 years of incarceration and the defense six, Judge Claude Leblond instead opted for a nine-year sentence.

“This network sold around three kilos of cocaine per month. […] The accused was the decision-maker of the organization, ”said the magistrate at the Montreal courthouse, denouncing the devastation caused by this drug in society.

Gauthier, already imprisoned, attended the pronouncement of his sentence by videoconference.

Taking into account the preventive detention and the backlash in detention suffered as a result of COVID-19, approximately three and a half years will be exempt from the Hells sentence.

More details to come …


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