The scene of the prison break in Pattaya, Thailand on November 4. Photo: The Nation.

Drug suspects opened fire in prison

ThailandThree drug traffickers use guns and knives to threaten the police to escape from the cells in the Pattaya court and then board the truck.

The suspect group, including a Thai man, an American and his Thai wife, has yet to be arrested after fleeing the cells of the Pattaya City court on November 4, Thai police said on Wednesday. now said.

According to the authorities, the Thai man somehow managed to get a gun and knife, then used these weapons to attack a police officer and force others to give the cell key, helping the trio escaped. The injured police is in the process of recovery.

Pictures of suspects escaping from prison in Pattaya court, Thailand on November 4. Image: The Nation.

Authorities are searching for suspects throughout the beach resort city. "If they resist, officers are forced to take resolute measures," said Krissana Pattanacharoen, spokesman for the Thai national police office.

The process of communication with the suspects' relatives has also been conducted to encourage these people to surrender, avoiding violent clashes. The Thai-American couple are facing a death sentence for drug trafficking, though this sentence is rarely applied.

Thailand is a major manufacturer and hub for drug trafficking. Illegal drug-related arrests take place at the country's busiest airports. On November 2, a Kenyan woman was arrested in Thailand after swallowing a 1.2 kg bag of cocaine.

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