Heading down with your phone can cause your skull to tail - Photo 1.

Dropping your head using a phone can make your skull "tails"

How many years have you used smartphones? Now, touch your hands behind the head, right where the spine connects to the base of the skull. Do you feel like a thin bone protruding like a dead tail?

If so, it could be a testament to the "evolution" when your body reacts to the habit of using smartphones in the 21st century.

A study published in Science Report suggests that spending too much time on handheld devices, especially smartphones is why more and more young people grow an unusual tail behind their skulls.

An X-ray showed a 28-year-old behind the skull

The study was carried out by scientists from the Sunshine Coast University in Australia. In it, they found more and more young people develop a thin part of bone protruding behind their skulls.

On average, this extra growth is about 2.6 cm long, but there are also individual cases up to 3.1 cm long. It is called the scientific term, the bottom of the occipital region (Enthesophytes or enlarged external occipital protuberance -EEOP).

Researchers predict this bone area arises from where the ligament or tendon is attached to the bone. Normally, these protruding thorns take a very long time to grow and develop. Naturally, it must be more common in the elderly compared to young people.

However, in their survey, scientists found the exact opposite. Study over 1,200 people from the age of 18 to 86 show that 1 in 3 people grow one "tail"behind the skull.

Young men who are 18-29 years old are most likely to encounter the most sudden mutations, reaching more than 35%. After 30-50 years of age, the rate decreased to only about 13% and then increased to 25% in the group of people over 60 years old.

Previously, some other studies have also noticed this strange phenomenon. Scientists emphasize that this is a completely new phenomenon, because no research has recorded so many young people in the occipital region before 2000.

"During 20 years of working as a clinical doctor, but only in the last 10 years, I have observed more and more of my patients develop these protruding spikes on the skull."David Shahar, a health scientist at Sunshine Coast University shared.

Heading down with your phone can cause your skull to tail - Photo 2.

Using the wrong smartphone in a position can cause problems with the neck area

The study, published in the journal Science Report, does not find a cause, or a clear causal relationship related to youth phenomenon. "tail"On top of this, however, scientists have come up with a hypothesis that explains that.

Many data from other studies coincidence show that: the explosion of smartphones and the use of posture hand-held devices put a lot of pressure on the back of neck and skull of young people. On average, a person's head and skull weighs 4.5 kg. Scientists predict that this is a possible cause of bone structure outside the occipital region.

Explaining the phenomenon in men more than women, they said it was because men used more handheld devices, including playing video games, while women were capable of participate in many social activities in a short time, partly reducing the impact of using smartphones.

The development of the EEOP can be attributed to and explained by the fact that there are many people today including children who use devices with false poses, the study authors conclude.

"We hypothesize that the use of modern technologies and handheld devices may be the main responsibility for these false poses, and the development of the cranial response that we see in the study assist".

Refer Iflscience, BBC

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