“Dream New World” Art Development Notes

“Dream New World” is a flagship UE4 round RPG mobile game developed by Zulong Entertainment and distributed by Tencent Games. The game has shaped a magical ancient world called Mu continent. This world has a rich and diverse climate, geomorphology and ecological environment, and has nurtured several distinctive human civilization groups; in the vast nature, there are also various All kinds of magical animals; how are these animals designed and created, and how together with the natural landscape and human civilization to build a magical and interesting world for us? Let us follow Zeka, who is committed to the study of natural ecology, to explore the scenes of these ancient civilizations, the protagonists, and the secrets of the birth of pets!

Here is the starting point of dreams!


01. Scenes

Speaking of our beautiful and rich mainland Mu, the first thing that impresses people is of course the magnificent natural scenery and cultural wonders. How was this magical and beautiful world created from the chaos~ Let the fish master of the original scene introduce us~

Teacher Caviar:

This is an aerial fantasy continent composed of seven civilizations regardless of the actual age of civilization development. Coral Islands of Adventurer Paradise-Conch Bay, Jungle Tribe of Son of the Sun-Mahaya, Mysterious and Powerful Undersea Empire-Atlantis, Kingdom Full of Sweet Temptation-Eldorado, Magic Academy on the Top of Snow Mountain-Galai The college, a geocentric city of lava and tunnels-Agarta, a mobile and deformed mechanical fortress.

There will be a large number of symbols of ancient human civilization in these civilizations, full of mystery, magic and machinery coexist, primitive creatures and humans live in a living environment. Today we will share two of the civilization scenes with you~


First of all, I think of Egypt, one of the earliest ancient civilizations, a religious country with its own hieroglyphs, a sound political system, and beliefs in gods.

We need to understand Egypt’s geographical environment, climate characteristics and natural resources, etc., to lay the foundation for the creation of the Eldorado map.

On this basis, we extracted the required keywords:

1. Pyramids filled with mysterious runes (the ancient Egyptians believed that the west bank of the Nile was the place where the sun fell, representing the end of life and entering the world of the undead);

2. The Nile River that runs through the entire ancient Egypt;

3. The Temple of Amun in Karak, the largest sun temple in Egypt (there are legendary 134 huge pillars);

4. Obelisk symbolizing authority;

5. Queen of the Moon Goddess Best;

6. Anubis, god of death;

7. Horus, the god of vengeance;

8. Scales to judge the dead;

9. It symbolizes the morning sun and the reborn scarab god.

There are also keywords closely related to Egyptian culture and technology:

1. Invention and creation;

2. Treasure hunt;

3. Mineral deposits;

4. Sacrificial worship;

5. Medicine, etc.

At the same time, in combination with the game world view, the design of the sand table is based on Egypt (the kingdom of pharaohs and gods, the peak of the ancient centralized world, strict hierarchy, orderly, etc.), adopting a progressive sand table design idea, and planning. It is symmetrical and rises in steps, like a pyramid thrusting into the sky. The picture below shows the Eldorado city sand table.

After determining the approximate atmosphere and sand table, then subdivide each small area.

Eldorado is indeed a rich country. The majestic buildings are magnificent and there must be many treasures buried here!


This is the ancient civilization Atlantis with a sense of mystery in the hearts of most people. The people here claim to be the god of the sea and have a strong worship of the sea. According to records, the people at that time were extremely wealthy and everything was automated, but they suddenly sank to the bottom of the sea before 16,000 BC, the energy system exploded, and the myth has since fallen.

Before starting the design, I also extracted keywords for Atlantis:

1. City-states;

2. Advanced technology (the unique representative of the energy system magnetite, a hexahedron, a huge cylindrical glass-like substance that absorbs sunlight, creates an unsolved mystery cosmic energy in the solar palace, and also has human body regeneration and The ability to rejuvenate);

3. Poseidon, the sea god Poseidon, can be lifted by holding a trident;

4. The buildings are concentric circles, the deeper the circle, the stricter the identity restrictions;

5. Gilded cupola;

6. The streets on each floor are distributed diagonally, with intricate underground corridors, etc.

This lost ancient civilization, Aristotle and Plato’s dream of “Great Western Continent”, has incredible technology in the legend. It was once the center of prehistoric civilization and was considered by ancient sages to be the most perfect figure created by gods.

Therefore, a circular transition design was adopted in the design of the sand table, layer by layer transition inward, symbolizing that this was once the center of the planet and the source of the center of the earth sinking into the sea. The picture below shows the Atlantis sand table.

Subdivide the area in the sand table.

The submarine city-state with advanced technology is impressive! It is amazing to be able to build such a magnificent city on the seabed! Thank you Yuzi for your explanation, which gave me a deeper understanding of the birth and development of these great civilized city-states~ What interesting characters will be born in these different styles of human civilized city-states? Next, let’s study the birth of the protagonists representing each civilization!

02, the protagonist

The protagonist of each civilization in Mu Continent has a very unique image that can reflect their respective civilizations, which is impressive~ Please talk to us about the design concept of civilization characters, the original character painting teacher Wenjie!

Teacher Wenjie:

When deciding to create a grand and diverse world, the friends all geared up and were eager to try. We take civilization as the core, expand relevant characters and plots, and want to present this rich and full world to players. The ancient Mahaya, the relaxing Conch Bay, the rich Eldorado, the cold Calais College, the noble Atlanta, and the warm Agarta in the heart of the earth. Every civilization will mirror the real civilization in the real world, but it is not limited to this. Designing the image of each civilization is a painful and happy process.


The cute and handsome young lady is the type that Zeka likes! And you can see the characteristics of civilization at a glance!

Eldorado was born out of Egyptian civilization. When designing the protagonist, it absorbed the characteristics of ancient Egyptian costumes and integrated with modern fashion and game worldview.

Before designing, we first determined the background story and character characteristics of Tworthf:

“Fu grew up in the city of Eldorado. Because her parents held important official positions in Eldorado’s dynasty, she was rarely taken care of by her parents like her peers. She often faced things at home and in the neighborhood. , Tworthf, who is still very young, has to learn to solve it by herself. As a result, she has acquired superb ability to do things. Not only did she perform well in the training of young people in Eldorado, she became a scout, but also Her peers are sensible earlier, but rationally, she also longs for the warmth from the family.”

Based on the above description, we have summarized and expanded several points that are helpful to art, independent thinking, decisive in doing things, excellent in ability, as a second-generation official, and growing up in the city. This reminds us of Nicole Robin in One Piece, and Pharaoh’s Eagle in Overwatch, so we decided to refer to these two characters for design. The hairstyle is short bob hair, highlighting the character’s self-discipline and ability; the skin color is healthy and sexy wheat color, we added the shape of cat ears to her to strengthen the role’s agile and rapid professional characteristics.

Her dress should be more inclined to the noble class; in the design elements, we used gold bras and waistbands to enhance the noble and gorgeous sense, matched with classic black linen, and the color and material were loyal to restore the identity of the ruling class; we made the inner surface of the clothes It becomes fluorescent green and integrates the technological elements of ancient civilization to enhance the technology and fashion sense of the clothes.

Her profession is a scout. Her tight-fitting chest protector and hot pants highlight Tworth’s tight and sexy figure, which is also in line with her professional identity; we have added a black hood and cloak to strengthen the investigative attributes.


If Eldorado represents the strength and fertility of the mainland, then the depth and elegance of Atlanta is even more exciting. Setting a protagonist for Atlanta is indeed a very laborious task. We determined the general design direction by searching for relevant descriptions of Atlantis on the Internet.

Relevant description of Miharis in the planning case:

“Ris is the most potential existence in the Atlantique sacrifice group. Although the high priests are all female sea witches, he has always been regarded as the high priest that Atlanta will rely on in the future. Miharis reads ancient books widely, Ya He can memorize all the books in the Tran Library, and the long-term activities have made him a comprehensive and exquisite person. In the process, he also met many people with good looks.”

At the very beginning, we determined that he was the male number 2. Like Sasuke in Naruto, Kaede Rukawa in the hands of the slam dunk, handsome, noble, unruly and rebellious, he is a schoolmaster on campus. The plan has given him super social skills, which is not in line with the cold and unspoken image previously imagined. We modified his expression, with a shallow smile, which made him more friendly.

As a candidate for high priest of Atlanta, Miharis, in addition to a handsome appearance, cold white skin and long silver hair are essential.

In terms of equipment, we refer to Aquaman when designing; add advanced luminous crystals and nano fabrics to the traditional armor. Atlanta is the only civilization that exists deep under the sea, so we use a lot of deep-sea fish elements, and the elegant and thin dark blue fins are the main body of the clothes; the fish tentacles exuding shimmer are hidden in the long silver hair ; The fish-shaped shiny crystal on the chest is gorgeous and noble.

Due to the huge civilization and protagonist of Mu Continent, I will not list them all here. I hope you will get to know and understand the 24 protagonists in the game, and like their stories behind them. You and them will write the history of Mu Continent!

Thank you Wenjie, I can’t wait to become friends with adventurers from all civilizations and explore more unknowns on this continent together! What kind of natural ecology and magical animals will this magical continent with extremely magnificent natural landscapes and splendid human civilization breed?


Let’s invite Mr. Apo, the original character painting, to introduce the secrets of the birth of the magical animals in Mu continent!

Teacher Apo:

At the beginning of the birth of magical animals, the big structure of this world has been designed by developers. Different geographical environments and human civilizations produced by the combination of natural landforms and magical elements will give birth to creatures with different styles. Based on this, developers have begun to design pets. A world where magic and nature coexist also ensures pets. Diversity and openness in design.

However, divergent thinking must have a reliable rule, so we began to set the most basic rules for the birth of magical animals.

Step 1: Determine body shape

In a fantasy game, there are often creatures of different sizes and shapes, but based on the turn-based conventional perspective and combat position, pet design should follow more rules and cannot be unscrupulous. A body that is too small will be difficult to see under the usual overlook angle of the turn-based system; a body that is too large will affect the team’s position and line of sight obstruction, as well as dynamics and skill performance in turn-based battles. We have designed several gradients for the size of pets: from the smallest cute pets to huge giant creatures, we set a basic scale range, which is a very important reference standard for the subsequent design.

From this point of view, the smallest pet is about half a person tall, and it is the size that can be comfortably hugged. Pets of ordinary size are basically at a height similar to humans, which facilitates equal communication between humans and pets, and is also very suitable for use. It’s a solo mount~

After the body shape rules are determined, we have entered the stage where we are most brain-opened and full of exploration.

Step 2: Determine the style

The art styles are diverse, even in the Q version style, because of different tendencies, they will go in completely different directions. So what kind of pets are more suitable for this magical new world of dreams? We decided to start with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, an ancient reptile master.

In the original design version, based on the real tyrannosaurus body shape, the designer performed partial exaggeration, highlighting sharp claws and highlighting the spiky shape of the brow bones, and combined the game world view to add some fantasy transformations to the shape. The design of bone spurs is added; this is actually more in line with the direction of traditional game animal design, but such creatures are placed in this magical and interesting land of Mu. We always feel that there are some shortcomings~

Although it looks pretty cool, it feels like it’s hard to get close to.

Correct! What is missing is the character and soul that people want to be close to and communicate with as a pet!

So how to inject a more distinctive character and soul into pets? We began to collect information, borrowed some semi-anthropomorphic designs in American cartoons and incorporated him into the design of Tyrannosaurus, adding more anthropomorphic eyes that can convey complex emotions; it looks a bit fierce but not The blunt teeth are too scary; the big head and feet are also more approachable; thus the design of Tyrannosaurus rex in the game was born.

It’s like a big dog that can be teased~

Subsequent magical animals followed the principle of “giving pets more character and soul”, and gradually enriched on the continent of Mu~ The following are some early design drawings of chocobos, which can also be seen from top to bottom The style changes from traditional to more interesting.

Step 3: Enrich the variety

What kind of magical animals should there be in this magical world? We classified and designed the animal ecosystems of the entire world according to the three aspects of ecology, civilization, and technology: In the dense Mahaya rainforest and the vast Eldorado plains, various reptiles, mammals, Insects; in the prosperous Conch Bay Islands and the deep Atlantic waters, there are many amphibians, fish, and seabirds inhabited; in the cold and windy ice-covered valleys, there are icy wolves, polar penguins, polar bears and other frigid animals. ; And in the core area full of hot lava, there are volcanic rabbits and lava spiders that can survive in harsh environments; in addition to these natural animals, there are many magical creatures based on the four elements of “earth, water, fire, and wind” in this world; and Creatures based on different civilizations such as Anubis and Feathered Snake. While designing the pet’s shape, we will carry out ecological design based on the region.

According to the setting of the world view, in addition to the four major elements, there is a mysterious fifth element called “ether”. From this, a whole new type of pet was derived-a semi-mechanized pet infected by ether.

Step 4: Etherized design

The ether in our imagination is a mysterious and unknown element that can turn living organisms into cyborgs. What kind of manifestation should etherification be? We have also conducted many discussions and attempts.

In the early days of etheric design, it was still more constrained to industrialized machinery or future sci-fi style. The etheric pets designed made people feel that there was a kind of artificial “mechanical sense” greater than the “mystery” infected by mysterious elements. This is an early conceptual drawing of ether pet design.

Although it looks handsome, it always feels like a robot in a machine factory or a future product in the 21st century, and it doesn’t feel suitable for Muland~

We conducted further discussion and data sorting out: Ether is a mysterious element, semi-mechanized creatures infected by it, not cold or artificial AI machines, but bionic mechanical bodies that retain their soul and character. In this direction, we started a new round of attempts at etherification based on Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Then integrate the feasibility of the development environment and skeletal versatility, and improve the intuitive recognizability of the theme of “Ether”, further improve and optimize the design, and some design solutions of the etheric Tyrannosaurus that are more focused on mysterious elements and bionics.

The image of etherification was finally determined, and this design language was unified in the subsequent etherification design.

The final draft of the Ether Tyrannosaurus Rex, and more derivative Ether Pets.

It is indeed a feature that is easy to remember, and it is not too different from the original Tyrannosaurus, and the connection can be seen at a glance. Pets related to specific civilizations are also my research focus. Next, take a look at what kind of magical animals will be born through the exploration of the civilization and ecology of Eldorado!

The ancient Mu continent has extremely rich geomorphic features and hydrological climate, on which various civilized countries have been born, and they all have their own different customs, languages ​​and eating habits.

When the player ventures between different regions, in addition to encountering a variety of human partners, he will also encounter many cute creatures on the continent of Mu during the adventure. They all live in every corner of the continent of Mu with their own posture. . Built on spices and gold, El Eldorado is surrounded by a vast, arid and drier desert. We will first bring ourselves into this story background and climatic characteristics, and then start to focus on the species that may live in this extreme climate. The mind diverges, the dry and hot desert, the camel caravan carrying the treasure-class exquisite goods, and the god of the afterlife, Anubis, the most revered Eldorado nationals. From these three points, we combine the various types of Eldorado cities. Such a machine driven by magic.

We have developed this imagination. In addition to gold and silver jewelry and magic spices, there are various Anubis statues among the special products of Eldorado. It is inevitable that caravans are in the desert on the way to export these exquisite products. In the face of misfortune, their bodies began to wither and their wealth was buried in the desert. No one knew where they died, and their souls could not find the way to the gate of death. Their souls could only linger back in place and never be liberated, but There is a legend in El Eldorado: If Anubis discovers that there is a gap in the line in front of the death’s gate, he will manifest himself and pass the statues of Anubis buried in the yellow sand with the caravan. The divine power was reshaped and given them the duty to lead the souls of those buried under the yellow sand to the gate of death. This is why the merchants of Eldorado always like to add a few exquisite pieces to the list of goods. Nubis statue crafts, so in the hot and dry desert around Eldorado, you may see those golden Anubis statues that move by themselves in a daze.

Based on such a story background, we started to design this pet with the head of Anubis dog as a starting point. There is a basic statue craftsmanship made with the golden material that players will encounter in the game combined with the characteristics of the head of Anubis dog. Modeling, when considering the production of the statue and its function, we began to find some elements related to death, so we thought of some ideas of flames or cool colors, and then we put the place between each joint of the Anubis statue The magic visual element of blue flame is added, so that the gold outer armor is wrapped with such blue flame magic element; in terms of action design, we refer to some relatively clumsy robot actions, so that the Anubis statue has a strong The appearance of regional style features allows players to feel a little magic-driven taste through actions, and enriches the fun of this pet through more dimensions.

As a developer, we hope that every pet image that players encounter during adventures in various parts of Mu is unique and conforms to the local cultural background. We hope that these creatures are more than just a bunch of 3D shells in the eyes of players. Data is another sharp edge in the hands of players, and it can become a reliable partner to accompany adventurers in every round of Mu.

Looks like a nasty guy!


So far, the big framework for dreaming the birth of a new world is basically determined! Colorful pets began to be born continuously in the north and south of Mu continent, creating a more colorful ecological wonders, looking forward to brave adventurers to come to explore and discover.

I finally figured out the secret of the birth of the dream new world, but there are endless unknowns in this world waiting for me to study and record. I want to record today’s content first.

Source: Zulong Entertainment Art Center
Original: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/5X-VAoSUqDTjVEE_fJn9Ew


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