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Dragon’s Lair in live action film

Building on the success of the serial adaptations of The Witcher and Castlevania, Netflix decides to adapt Dragon’s Lair into a live action film!

After a year of negotiations, Netflix has just acquired the adaptation rights for the famous game Dragon’s Lair. Unlike other video game franchises that already have their adaptation on the streaming platform, we think of The Witcher and Castlevania, the serial format will not be appropriate for the adaptation of this classic of the arcade. It will be a feature film, in real shot. As for who would embody the protagonist of the game, Dirk the Daring, Ryan Reynolds, star of the acclaimed superhero film Green Lantern (Dead who?) and having already interpreted a video game icon (Pika Pika!), is already in negotiations to bring this cartoon character to our reality.

The oldest discovered it in 1983 on an arcade machine in which they spent a lot of crowns to try to save Princess Daphne from the clutches of the Evil Dragon Monkey. Or did they try the adventure a little later, in 1990, with its porting for the Nintendo Entertainment System? There they were able to face his difficulty bordering on stupidity. The youngest, they know him via the videos of the Joueur du Grenier. Dragon’s Lair is known to everyone and has been an integral part of video game culture for over 35 years.

Over the years, he has had numerous releases on just about any medium. And this until recently, with a port on Switch in 2019. No wonder then that he ends up having his cinematographic adaptation.

Especially since his ties to the world of cinema have always been there. He is indeed the baby of the famous animator Don bluth, having started at Disney in the 70s before founding his own animation studio, Don Bluth Productions. having offered us jewels of animations such as Brisby and the secret of Nimh and The little dinosaur and the valley of wonders.

In addition, Dragon’s Lair in its original version (on arcade) is closer to interactive cartoon than to video games. The game is just a continuation of QTE to perform. And even before the deal with Netflix, Don bluth had previously attempted to produce an animated feature film Dragon’s Lair. A crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo had been launched in 2015. Bringing in $ 731,172, this had resulted in the creation of an animated short film containing a game prequel. In short, Dragon’s Lair and the cinema never stopped turning around.

Don Bluth among his characters

Although it is not an animated feature, the film is supported by Don bluth since he will be producer of the project with his lifelong companions Gary Goldman and Jon Pomeroy. If no director has been announced, we do know that the film will be written by Dan and Kevin Hagenden, previously writers on The Lego Movie and the awesome Trollhunters series. Two authors therefore accustomed on the one hand to comic and meta humor and on the other to fantastic adventure. Two pillar themes of Dragon’s Lair.

Added to the mixture, the possible presence of Ryan Reynolds who proved with Deadpool to be very comfortable with these themes. All under the aegis of the founders of the franchise and we can already imagine that The Dragon’s Lair film may well come close to fantasy adventure comedy like Shrek, The Princess Bride or the lesser known Your Highness.

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