Download Kaspersky Free now!  For the first time Kaspersky has a free version

Download Kaspersky Free now! For the first time Kaspersky has a free version

Kaspersky Free is a free version for users around the world. Kaspersky founder Eugene Kaspersky announces access to the US, Canada and many Asia Pacific countries Kaspersky Free immediately, and the global free software rollout will continue in the coming months.

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The birth of free antivirus software Kaspersky Free on the occasion of its 20th birthday Kaspersky LabsAnd the company also says its growing user base will help increase user security thanks to the information it can collect.

Most famous antivirus software like Avast, Avira, AVG … all have free versions, Kaspersky is quite popular and popular, but only available for trial version with a limited number of days, so many people do not choose to use Kaspersky but choose free software.

Avast security has recently acquired companies such as AVG, perhaps that has changed a lot in our policies and strategies. Kaspersky Labs, perhaps because of that they decided release Kaspersky Free on a global scale In order to attract a large number of users but do not want to pay immediately for anti-virus software?

Previously in 2016, Kaspersky had released the Free version but was limited to a few countries, so this release will satisfy many expectations of using a great security product for free. .

Kaspersky Free Kaspersky has to present to its users an anonymous license

Kaspersky Free is lighter than the paid version, but the technology is no less competitive, not exploiting the user’s data

Kaspersky explained that the release free version Kaspersky Free antivirus software for users is not meant to compete with security tools, Kaspersky’s paid antivirus software and the free version only include essential security features like: Anti-virus email and web, automatic update, self-protection, quarantine.

Kaspersky Free is built on the same technology as its predecessors, and the company promises that the software will be resource-lighter. In addition Kaspersky also promises that on the free version there will be no ads, or tracking user behavior and activity.

Users can download Kaspersky for free here: Download Kaspersky Free

Refer to how to install Kaspersky Free for your computer here: Install Kaspersky Free for computers

According to the assessment of ElectrodealPro, the approach to users by providing the free version is a quite smart and effective marketing plan, with the free version Kaspersky will increase the market share significantly. As before, BKAV has provided anti-virus software BKAV Free for a long time, only when you realize that users really welcome and succeed, will BKAV launch the BKAV PRO version. Certainly with war

With the information that Kaspersky released a free version for users, users can now use Kaspersky Free for their computers for free to better protect their computers, avoid fear of threats, Risks from the internet as before, using Kaspersky Free is also relatively easy like previous versions. Kaspersky-phat-hanh-phien-ban-mien-phi-danh-cho-nguoi-dung-25936n.aspx
Previously, KIS (with the exact name Kaspersky Internet Security) supported users to detect viruses in time from internet files as well as prevent access to virus-free and malicious websites, however, KIS is a commercial version so you need to spend money to license the program. But with the benefits that this software brings, spending money to own its copyright is the right thing to do.


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