Download iOS 10, macOS Sierra wallpapers on iPhone, computer

Download iOS 10, macOS Sierra wallpapers on iPhone, computer

With the unique iOS 10 and macOS Sierra wallpaper, users can easily refurbish the iPhone, iPad and computer screens to become more beautiful. Let’s choose for yourself the best photo.

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iOS 10 and Apple’s macOS Sierra have many new features that are especially useful and interesting for users. Find out more detailed introduction about new notable features on iOS 10 introduced by

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At the same time, if you are looking to check the ios version you are using to facilitate the software upgrade, you can follow the iPhone and iPad operating system version check article for more details.

In this article, will share with you the collection High quality background photos of the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra intended for Iphone, iPad and machine Mac.

Download high quality wallpapers for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

Wallpaper iOS 10 brings to life extremely powerful with blue wave image. Meanwhile, the background image for macOS Sierra is a long, sloping mountain range, exactly the same as the name of the new OS version.

Download iOS 10 and macOS Sierra composite wallpaper Here.

The size of the high-quality composite image file is less than 10MB, so you don’t need to worry about the download size being too high.

Download ios 10 and macos sierra on iphone and computer

Note that iOS 10 wallpapers are available in two versions for iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, macOS Sierra version will be available in three versions, including iPhone, iOad and for PC.

How to install wallpapers on a Macbook

To know how to install the image on a Macbook, you can refer here: How install wallpaper on a Macbook

How to set wallpapers on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Access Settings (Settings) -> pull down select item Wallpaper.

Download him to give him the theme ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and computer

Step 2: Continue to choose Choose a New Wallpaper.

Step 3: Scroll down select All Photos.

Download free photos for ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and computer

Select iOS 10 wallpapers that have already been downloaded on your device or transferred from your computer.

Step 4: Press Set at the bottom of the screen to confirm selecting iOS wallpaper.

A pop-up appears asking you to set the selected image as the lock screen wallpaper or home screen wallpaper, or set for both.

How to download images for ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and computer

Thus, you can successfully set iOS 10 wallpapers on iPhone and iPad simply.

How to install wallpaper on a Windows computer

For many Windows PC users, you can completely download the special set of macOS wallpapers and install them on your computer.

Follow the following instructions of to install a special set of macOS Sierra wallpapers on your computer.

Change computer wallpaper, change desktop, laptop Windows 7 or higher

Method 1: Set An Image File As Wallpaper

This way you can apply to all versions of Windows. Right-click the image you want to use to replace the desktop wallpaper and then select the line as shown below:

How to download ios 10 and macos sierra on iphone and pc

After you have set the image file as your Desktop wallpaper, return to your computer screen to see if you have changed the desktop wallpaper.

This is the background image that just selected.

Method 2: How to change the desktop wallpaper to automatically change the wallpaper

In Windows 7/8 and Windows 8.1 there is the function of changing the wallpaper automatically with the available photo effects. That means your Windows 7 Desktop not only encapsulates when using a certain wallpaper, but will automatically change many other wallpapers. Refer to for details how to change the computer wallpaper that ElectrodealPro instructed.

Direction about ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and pc

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Personalize

Step 2:

At the window Personalize, choose Desktop Background

Collection of collection from ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and computer

Step 3:

Here, just click on Browser to select the folder containing the image files you want to set as wallpaper, the selected image files will be displayed directly on the Desktop Background.

Click Save Changes to save your changes.

Instructions about the theme of ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and pc

Return to the Desktop you will see the image you just made has been changed on the screen.

Change computer wallpaper, change desktop, laptop Windows 10

First, you right click on the desktop -> select Display settings

How to get rid of ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and pc

Choose Background on Windows 10-> Select Picture -> Click Browse to go to the image you need to be Windows 10 desktop wallpaper -> Select OK to set up is done

Here you can download it for ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and computer

Download the hot theme ios 10 and sierra macos on iphone and pc

If you do not want to use the iOS 10 wallpapers, you can also refer to iOS 9 wallpaper apps on iPhone and iPad such as Blurred Wallpapers for iPhone to have the best photos.


– You should download the photo set on your computer, then extract it with Winrar software and copy it to the memory card or the internal memory of Android or iPhone, iPad.

For iPhone, iPad, you can also follow the procedure of copying photos to iPhone, iPad through iCloud.
– In case you download from mobile, you need a decompression app to extract the compressed file. Refer to some software like 7zipper for Android or WinZip for iPhone


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