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Download 1 second slowly but miss the “lifetime” customer

1 second is very valuable, because it only takes 1 second to load the website:

11% reduction in page views.

Reduce customer satisfaction by 16%.

Loss of 7% conversion rate.

Evaporate $ 2.5 million in revenue if the business generates $ 100,000 per day.

Therefore, CDN systems play a very important role in this process. This is especially true for e-commerce projects: Tending to expand infrastructure in the future, towards the goal of continuous growth in traffic, often peak periods appear (e.g. such as summer sales, holiday deals, marketing campaigns to expand the brand and revenue, …) and own distribution customers across a wide range of geographical locations .

The pain that everyone understands of e-commerce website: It is slow to load for 1 second, but misses customers for life - Photo 1.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows businesses to access online sales to millions of users and deliver any static content at the highest speed. These CDN systems optimize website performance and loading speed.

Some people say that if the traffic is less than a few terabytes per month then there’s no need to use a content delivery network. However, this concept is misleading because in addition to reducing the load on the server, the CDN also helps to minimize latency, and latency in a website should be minimal.

In other words, businesses never make customers wait! Because the load is 1 second slow and misses the “lifetime” customer, poor user experience reduces conversion rates, leading to a direct loss of revenue.

Ten years ago, Amazon discovered that every 100ms, latency drops their sales by 1%. Google statistics that every 0.5 seconds increase in search page load time will cause them to lose 20% of traffic. A broker could lose $ 4 million in revenue per millisecond if their e-trading platform is 5 milliseconds slower than a competitor.

In 2017, an Akamai study produced the following thoughtful results: Every 100 millisecond slowdown of page load results in a 7% decrease in conversion rates, resulting in a huge 6% drop in sales. It can be seen that user experience for online retailers is one of the success variables of e-commerce.

In 2018, Google announced the benchmark of mobile page load as page load fashion increased as follows:

1-3s: probability of leaving increases by 32%

1-5s: probability of leaving increases by 90%

1-6s: probability of leaving increases by 106%

1-10s: probability of leaving increases by 123%

If your business wants to serve its customers as quickly as possible, make sure that traffic is never a barrier to page loading!

That means the business must have more points of presence (Points of Presence) of the CDN network closer to the target audience.

CDN is a method of quickly and efficiently delivering content from web and mobile apps to visitors based on their geographic location. A CDN is made up of a network of servers (called presence points or POPs) at different locations in Vietnam.

The CDN server closest to a user is called the edge server when a person requests content from a web page via CDN, which means that person has connected to the nearest edge server, and thus has the experience. get online as fast as possible.

In fact, if you look at Google’s actions, 2019 is the year that page speed is crowned. Right at the moment you are reading this article, the difference between how fast and slow your website loads is drastically affecting search engine results: top or fly away from the rankings (whether is to pay or not to pay). The slow loading of e-commerce website will kill the conversion rate and blow away the revenue when businesses are not able to reach users through the search engine.

The pain that everyone understands of e-commerce website: It is slow to load for 1 second, but misses customers for life - Photo 2.

To overcome the sluggishness of e-commerce websites in the summer period – the most exciting shopping and consumption season of the year, businesses need to integrate BizFly CDN – an effective website acceleration service.

If you notice that the website has shown signs of slowness and high dropout rates, but you don’t know where the reason comes from and how to fix it, contact the BizFly Cloud team to find out. Get expert advice for free.

Located in the BizFly Cloud ecosystem operated by VCCorp, BizFly CDN provides website acceleration solutions and is currently a reputable partner of many large companies such as, Topica, VTV, Genk, Adayroi … If you are interested in the service, please contact:


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