Double Eleven Carnival Night: Yi Yan Qianxi burns the audience, Wei Chen and Zhang Tianai are shy in dancing, and Yang Chaoyue performs a lonely
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Double Eleven Carnival Night: Yi Yan Qianxi burns the audience, Wei Chen and Zhang Tianai are shy in dancing, and Yang Chaoyue performs a lonely

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Every year, it can be said that it is the second New Year. Every Double 11 is like a New Year. Since Hunan Satellite TV and Tmall jointly held the Double Eleven party for the first time in 2015, the “Double 11 Shopping Festival” has gradually become a TV. In an important festival on the screen, various satellite TVs and e-commerce platforms have entered the game one after another, doing their best to compete for ratings and sales.

On the Double Eleven Carnival night tonight, it can be said that it has successfully attracted the attention of many people. There are too many handsome men and beautiful women on the stage. Their performances on the stage are really difficult for people to not pay attention. .

01 Double Eleven Carnival Night: ‍Yi Xian Qianxi’s “MY BOO” opens and explodes the audience‍

The opening performance on the Double Eleven Carnival night was Yi Yang Qianxi. A song “MY BOO” was the opening and finale. Yi Yang Qianxi really blew up the whole audience. The stage performance was really top-notch. He is the spokesperson of Tmall.

But no matter how good it is, some people dislike it, so some netizens still complain about it. Yi Yangqianxi can’t speak clearly, can’t speak English well, sing badly, etc., Yiyangqianxi’s singing voice is too light to distinguish between true and false I really waited for these comments to explode on the Internet for a while.

02 Double Eleven Carnival Night: ‍Wei Chen Zhang Tianai dances personally, Wei Chen is shy! ‍‍‍

There is also Zhang Tianai and Wei Chen performing together. They brought a singing and dancing show “Sanctuary” to the audience. On the stage, Wei Chen showed his stable characteristics as always. The treble continued to be stable. Singing and dancing did not affect him at all.

The handsome Wei Chen still felt a little shy when dancing with Zhang Tianai, because Zhang Tianai on the stage was very sexy, with a short top and shorts, perfectly showing Zhang Tianai’s sexy waist and beautiful legs. It is undeniable that Zhang Tianai is really in shape. Perfect, wearing the close-fitting clothes on her body did not show any extra calories. Under the eyes of everyone, Zhang Tianai and Wei Chen danced close to each other, and Wei Chen couldn’t help being shy because of the closeness of each other.

03 Double Eleven Carnival Night: Yang Chaochao performed a lonely performance, Zhang Jie forgot his words again

Finally, the biggest highlight of the Double 11 Carnival Night is that Zhang Jie and Yang Chaoyue brought together “I’m Here to Beat You”, which is really too explosive! The audience is almost exposed. The stage is exquisitely set up. The almighty Zhang Jie is amazing in dancing and singing, and Yang Chaoyue is wearing a pink cake tutu with a double ball-like haircut, and appears as a ghost horse girl. The stage is so cute! Just two words “good-looking”.

However, there is still a small accident. Zhang Jie, an old singer, actually forgot his words on stage, while Yang Chaoyue performed a lonely performance. Although there were some small flaws in forgetting words, it did not affect Zhang Jie’s As a powerful singer, Zhang Jie’s singing skills and status are online, but what is more noticeable is Yang Chaoyue, who often makes mistakes on stage. This time I was so calm and lonely.

In general, tonight’s Double 11 carnival night is simply very hot. According to the real-time data of the third-party ratings monitoring company Kuyun, the live broadcast took the lead in the 34 cities and the first-tier core cities to break 1, 52 city live broadcasts, The market share leads the country in simultaneous shows.

Left: Real-time data of Kuyun 52 City.Right: Real-time data of Kuyun 34 City

Finally, what do you think of tonight’s Double 11 carnival night? Does it look good? Welcome to leave a message.


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