“DOTA2” Leipzig Major’s first day schedule: the first round of VG vs. secret!

DOTA2》 The Leipzig Major Group Tournament was announced today. The group stage will begin at 8:30 tonight. The first round of VG will play against the secrets, and Minor champion Nigma will play against the previous Major TNC.

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The schedule is as follows:

Group A first round BO3

TNC vs Nigma 20:30

Fnatic vs Aster 23:30

Group B first round BO3

VG vs Secret 20:30

Beastcoast vs Chaos 23:30

3Group C first round BO3

IG vs Reality Rift 20:30

Alliance vs VP 23:30

首 Group D first round BO3

EG vs NaVi 20:30

Liquid vs paiN 23:30

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Competition system:

Group stage (1.18-1.20): The main group stage of the current Fantasy League still uses the GSL system, but does not eliminate the team. The first two of the group enter the main event winner group, and the last two enter the main event loser group.

进入 Entered into the double-elimination knockout stage on January 21st, and switched to offline matches from 24th to 26th. Except for the first round of the loser group, which is BO1 and the finals, BO5, the rest are BO3. The first game of the group stage will start at 8:30 pm on January 18.

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