Doom 3: VR Edition – Burst the demon in your living room

Sony has just announced the upcoming arrival of a new VR system for its PlayStation 5 that the current generation of the PS4 headset has added a renowned title to its collection. It is through a short trailer that Bethesda formalizes Doom 3: VR Edition arrives on March 29, 2021 on PlayStation 4 (and on PS5 via backward compatibility). The perfect opportunity (or nightmarish depending on) to relive the adventures of the most famous navy of the underworld in their entirety, expansion included.

This VR edition is also getting a makeover for its arrival on a virtual reality headset. For this, we are promised a major overhaul of the control system specially adapted to the support. Note the possibility of leaning to take a look behind each angle, the handling of shots thanks to the motion controller or the appearance of a system “à la Pip-Boy de Fallout” indicating the status on your wrist. of your different life gauges, armor or ammunition.

This is the second title taking place in the Doom universe that we find on the VR platform after the release of Doom VFR, taking its place in the rebooted universe of the franchise. The choice to bring Doom 3 to VR is not trivial as the experience was already oppressive at the time of its original release. It’s a safe bet that the horrific shooter will take advantage of VR technology and deliver an intense experience. The opportunity for the title may be to find a new lease of life and attract an audience that could not have tried this classic when it was released.

The adventure, of about fifteen hours, had made a lot of talk when it was released in 2004 as the title moved away from its model, yet 17 years later, it retains a solid fan base and this thanks to several reissues. which will have known how to seduce a new public. While some modes already allowed VR PC gamers to browse the ID Software title, it’s fun to see it finally officially land on VR. As a reminder during the oculus crowdfunding, Doom 3 was put forward as a game that would be available from the launch of the machine. Better late than never. No details were made concerning a possible port on PS5 when the machine will be equipped with this new generation helmet.


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