Not ready to start a new job: Don't worry, before being the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook used to be like you! - Photo 1.

Don't worry, before being the Apple CEO, Tim Cook was like you!

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Tim Cook is one of the leaders leading one of the most powerful technology corporations in the world. Tim has been CEO of Apple for nearly 8 years but in a lesson at Stanford University on Sunday, June 16, 2019, he shared with the students that he used to feel unwilling to take it. current position.

He told the students preparing to graduate: "Counseling can help you equip your skills but can't give you the feeling of being ready."

This is the first lesson Tim learned when he took on the responsibility of his predecessor, Steve Jobs, just weeks before Steve died. Earlier, Tim Cook had more than 10 years of working experience at Apple, 6 years in which he held the position of COO, but the change was still a challenge for him.

"When Steve fell ill, I tried to force my thoughts in the belief that he would soon be better. I not only hope Steve is stronger but from the bottom of my heart, I believe he will continue to lead Apple even. After I left the corporation, when he really went, I realized the instinctive and harsh boundaries between preparation and readiness, which is the most lonely feeling I have ever experienced in my life. "

Everyone looks and they expect a lot from him. Tim knows all that. "When all goes well, I know that I will have to become the best version of myself."However, he was also aware that, "If you wake up every morning and only program your life the way others expect, you will go crazy."

Not ready to start a new job: Don't worry, before being the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook used to be like you! - Photo 2.

This is a famous lesson that Steve Jobs shared with Stanford students in a 2005 lecture "your time is limited, don't waste it living other people's lives". Still in that position 14 years later, Tim Cook did not hide his respect for his predecessor and mentor, who helped him prepare but could not give him readiness. And of course, Tim went his own way instead of following the expectations of outsiders or following the path of the previous one.

That is an example of the classics that business and technology still hears about when technology giants must be discouraged when taking a position with heavy responsibility, it also reminds people that it is over. normal power. No matter what field you work in, what your next goal is, moving forward can make you extremely excited but also accompanied by countless worries. Managers and counselors can teach you, guide you, and your job is to draw on the experience and take the path ahead.

"Senior students, the truth is when the time comes – it will come – you'll never feel ready. But you don't need to feel ready either. Look for hope in uncertainty. Find motivation in the challenge you face. Find the direction on the path you have to walk alone. "

Tim Cook's speech is an inspirational source for those who are struggling to find their way but at the same time give a warning:

Not ready to start a new job: Don't worry, before being the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook used to be like you! - Photo 3.

"It seems many people believe that with good intentions, negative results can be ignored but whether you like it or not, what you create defines you. If you want to receive compliments. , learn to take responsibility first. "

In other words, fear is a natural instinct but that does not mean you are allowed to let go. When you're not ready, remind yourself that a famous CEO has also experienced what you're experiencing. What is his advice? Make your own path and be ready to take responsibility as you receive the compliments.

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