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Don’t want to sweat again! Summer three quarters hard hat purchase guide

In summer, whether traveling or commuting, you must fight against the hot sun on the road and the hot and sultry heat. At this time, the three-quarter helmets with excellent ventilation and qualified safety regulations are selected, which not only makes cycling more comfortable and comfortable, but also You can protect your head at the same time! And how should we choose a hat that suits us from a wide variety of helmets? Moto7 lists several purchase tips, to help you find a cool and protective three-quarters helmet!

There are hundreds of three-quarter cap specifications, how can I choose the one that is ventilated and suitable for me?

1. Price

Before you start to choose a hat, you may wish to set a budget for yourself. Usually the price of three-quarters of domestic brands will be between 1,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan. Increase the price according to the richness of equipment and painting. Import four quarters The third cap uses more advanced technology and testing. Compared with domestic helmets, ABS plastic is used as the shell. Many imported caps use special materials developed exclusively. For example, ARAI uses the “cLc structure”. With the addition of “Dyneema” used in bulletproof vests and “Zylon” currently known as the strongest fiberglass, ARAI even made the entire hard hat by hand, so that the price may rise to 6,000 to 20,000 yuan No, remember to measure the economic ability before buying, and choose in a way that does not cause a burden.

The price of the three-quarter cap of the product brand will be between 1,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan, and the equipment is mainly simple and practical.

Many imported hats will use self-developed multilayer materials to achieve the effect of light weight and high rigidity. (Source: Webike)

2. Safety certification

There are various safety certifications for helmets. Common certifications in Taiwan include Taiwan CNS, US DOT, international SNELL, EU ECE, Japan JIS, etc., each with different strength detection methods and standards to ensure the safety of knights, including SHOEI RJ Platinum-R and ARAI VZ-RAM are the only three-quarter caps that have passed the very strict SNELL safety certification. Remember to recognize the major certification marks when buying, so that you will not spend a lot of money to buy safety that does not meet safety regulations. The hat is not worth the loss.

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Meet the common hard hat certification in Taiwan in three minutes!

VZ-RAM with high visibility on the road has the protection of passing SNELL safety certification.

Recognizing the major safety certification marks, you will not buy a helmet with insufficient protection.

The safety test will simulate various car accident situations and exert a protective effect when the accident actually occurs. (Source: Webike)

3. Ventilation

Since it is necessary to counter the summer heat, the air circulation of the helmet is very important. The air intake of the three-quarter hat at the chin is much greater than that of the full-face helmet, so the main focus is on the overhead. The design of the air outlet and the negative pressure outlet at the end, the imported hat and the domestic hat have different degrees of development in wind tunnel testing and other related developments, so the ventilation and the price band are also significantly differentIn addition, although it is impossible to actually feel the coolness brought by the helmet vents when purchasing, many hats such as OGK ASAGI, KYT NFJ, etc. use the three-quarter hat of the full-hood ventilation system, which has a coolness. A certain level of performance, you may wish to look at those hats with special ventilation and make a choice!

The air inlet in front of the top of the head and the negative air outlet at the rear cooperate to remove the hot air.

The retained air passage can also be seen from the design of the Styrofoam above the head.

Most imported cap manufacturers have funds to conduct wind tunnel tests and can design vents with scientific data.

4. With or without ink film

In addition to the hot air, the dazzling sunlight is also a big obstacle to riding in summer. If it happens to be directly exposed to the sun at the sunset, it may also cause riding danger. Therefore, you can prefer to have a built-in ink film when picking a hat. Or to purchase ink film/plating film replacement, to make the field of vision clearer under the sun, but it must be noted that the movement mechanism of the inner ink film will cause the design to sacrifice the forehead into the air, and the air will be diverted to the top of the head. If you have a sweaty forehead face, please consider the design of the internal ventilation guide before buying. In addition, those who are afraid of sun can choose to have anti-UV certified lenses to reduce the number of rides. The “black face” situation occurs.

The built-in ink sheet is easy to operate and can quickly switch.

Optional plating can not only shade, but also add a little style to yourself.

5. Lining material/adjustment

Finally, the liner with the longest contact time comes. In addition to the ability to stably fix the helmet on the head, the liner also shoulders the heavy responsibility of absorbing moisture and perspiration and the comfort of the head and face. The material is also determined Your first feeling when wearing a helmet, some helmet manufacturers will introduce different use orientation linings, so that the rider can find a suitable lining for him by purchasing it separately. Even if the manufacturer does not provide a variety of linings, Cavalier You can also choose to wear a cool hood to achieve the purpose of moisture absorption and perspiration, and buy a liner that can be removed and replaced. It is also more clean. When buying a helmet, you must also remember to adjust the state of your head shape to enjoy a comfortable and cool ride. Ride, the knights don’t forget the above five little rags when buying, and do their best for their summer head refreshing battle!

ARAI has launched three quick-drying, antibacterial, and brushed nylon linings to match the preferences of different owners.

In order to adjust the helmet lining that fits you best, many helmet manufacturers provide customized services.

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