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“Don’t touch the video lab!” Review

Evaluation ★★★★★ (84 points) All 12 episodes

Synopsis Midori Asakusa, who entered Shibahama High School, is a small-minded person who has a dream of making anime but cannot act alone.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. That’s why anime is interesting!

    1. childhood
    2. Midori Asakusa
    3. Image Research
    4. Commitment and reality
    5. compromise
    6. Giant robots are wonderful because they are fictional
    7. Division of labor
    8. Why pursue
    9. Let’s sell DVDs, you guys!
    10. Mr. Asakusa and Mr. Kanamori
    11. Even if you finish it perfectly …
  2. General comment: This is anime making!

    1. Personal impression: It was interesting

That’s why anime is interesting!

The original is a manga work serialized in Monthly Spirits.
Produced by Science Saru and directed by Masaaki Yuasa.


Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 1
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

The story begins with the hero’s childhood.
She dreams of becoming an adventurer and loves “exploring”
A girl who likes to draw such expeditions and delusion.
Character design with a little habit has a strangely memorable habit,
It is a character design that makes you feel “cuteness” that is different from “cute”.

“Future Boy Conan” that such a girl suddenly saw.
Exploring yourself, watching “animation” that depicts a world that is bigger and more free than your current world
She is conscious of anime production.

It’s a trembling start.
Why the hero was addicted to “animation”
Why did the hero decide to “make an anime”?
The purpose of the main character, what he wants to do, and the direction of this work are drawn in just 3 minutes per episode.

“It was at this time that I was conscious of making anime.”

OP flows with such a line of the hero. It’s a big explosion (laughs)
This is Masaaki Yuasa, somewhere psychedelic, free,
Watching and “fun” opening, I am drawn to this work at once.
This work is interesting. The fun of this work is at the beginning of only one-fifth episode
It oozes from the entire screen.

Midori Asakusa

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 1
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

As a high school student, she never gives up her childhood dreams and wants to make an anime.
The first person is “eagle” and the ending is “jayo”.
It looks like a short girl, but if you talk, you can even feel the smell of an old man.
It is Sari Ito who plays her.

Although this is the first appearance in an anime, it is hard for anyone to change it.
There is “charm of voice”. Isn’t it a voice actor who has played the role of a boy for many years? When
Her “husky” voice is irresistible, as it doesn’t feel strange at all.
Because she is a girl, she is called “Midori Asakusa” who is an Edokko.
It matches the character perfectly.

What a nerd-specific fast-talking thing, her flowing acting
The charm of the character “Midori Asakusa” has been greatly enhanced.
A wonderful voice actor.

“Sayaka Kanamori” who is a friend of Midori Asakusa. It is Mutsumi Tamura who plays her.
She is also nicknamed “Tamura Shonen” and is tall and somewhat suspicious.
By acting dubiously in the sloppy talk of “Sayaka Kanamori”
It exudes an overwhelming presence and a quirky character atmosphere.

And the other main character, “Mizusaki Swallow”.
It is Misato Matsuoka who plays her. She is also the voice actor who first appeared in this work
Acting that does not make you feel that it is such a first appearance,
Bright and orthodox in a sense unlike the other two
The brightness of her character, the charismatic reading of a beautiful woman
It plays beautifully and brilliantly.

The three people gather in one episode.
Midori Asakusa who made the anime, Sayaka Kanamori who is watching her,
Mizusaki swallow who wants to be an animator. There is a Showa atmosphere for these three people
Meet in the remaining city. The pictures they drew are crossed happily.

Each has its own circumstances.
Asakusa, who was not good at socializing and couldn’t join the Anime Research Department
Kanamori wants to make money, and Mizusaki cannot join the anime research department because of his parents.

Such three people make “Keep Your Hands Off”.
“We are protected by the Moratorium, no risk!”
Because they are high school students, they are pursuing their dreams straight away.

The setting that I thought about was made to three people, and the world view of such a delusional setting
Director “Masaaki Yuasa” draws with all his might.
The work is already done in their minds, the strongest setting they thought of,
The best animation we have ever thought of.

It shows such a “delusion” as an animation with full power.
It’s just a delusion, but it’s like watching an animated movie
The delusional scene is fun and can’t be helped.

“I feel like I saw a great picture”

It feels like they are full of dreams and grabbed the edge of their dreams.
A story full of hope and dreams is so comfortable and perfect.

Image Research

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 2
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

They make an anime with just three people. Created a video lab as a club activity,
Start by collecting tools in a large but old club room.
Many good old tools are sleeping in the warehouse of the former Anime Research Department.
In the Reiwa era, they try to make anime with Showa anime tools.
It’s interesting just to look at the dust-covered animation production tools.

Politely they explain it. This work is an animation of “animation production”.
While dealing with such animation production, the technology itself is analog rather than digital.
Analog because I like anime and because I want to make anime.
What a strange flow (laughs)

Today’s animation production is almost digital. Many works are made with full CG.
However, there are only three of them without any club expenses.
Animation production that they dare to challenge with “analog” without such money and personnel.
Just looking at it makes me grin.

Animation of a windmill turning, such a simple animation
We are particular about Midori Asakusa and Swallow Mizusaki. It’s just an animation of spinning a windmill.
But why is the “windmill” spinning, and why isn’t it spinning now?
They “delusion” it.

They are free to make their dream anime, which is neither digital nor analog.
If there is a building that interferes with the windmill, destroy it.
“Delusion” has nothing to do with money, time, or technology, and everything is free.
They incorporate such delusions into their own animation.

It’s just an animation of a windmill spinning.
However, in such a sentence, one line is enough
This work is really light, comfortable and freedom.
It’s fun to watch. Pursuing the fun of movement because it is an animation
Their animation making breaks the face of the viewer.

The subject of “animation making”, which originally has no movement,
This work is moving around. Character’s quirky movement,
The delusions of the characters and the passion of the characters for making anime
This work is also a moving animation that seems to be influenced.

If “repair of the wall of the club room” is also involved in this work, it will be a repair of the spaceship.
What a free anime!

Commitment and reality

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 4
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

Mr. Kanamori is realistic. She has no skills compared to the other two.
However, her presence is indispensable for making a work together with the other two.

Mr. Asakusa is a so-called setting kitchen. Think about the settings in detail, really in detail
How does a virtual machine work and why does it work?
I like to think about such things and have a strong commitment.
Mr. Mizusaki animates the world view of other settings that she thinks.

Mizusaki Swallow is particular about the really fine movements of the animation.

“I want to make animation, not animation.”

I can’t help thinking of her lines.
However, both of them are too particular about their craftsmanship in both good and bad ways.
It is Mr. Kanamori who takes a bird’s-eye view of these two people and searches for a source-like drop-off point.
While giving maximum consideration to the delivery date, budget, and what the two want to do,
She will lead the creation of realistic “animation”.

An excellent producer named Mr. Kanamori
An animation is made by putting two people together.
We will turn the dream of commitment into an animation of reality.

They happily think about the setting, what kind of movement they will make,
Think about camera work. While showing the viewer an animation called delusion
You can see their production process properly.

Director Masaaki Yuasa is seriously animating their delusions.
That’s why it’s interesting. Delusions do not end with delusions, showing the ideal of delusions
That also leads to the animation of their reality.

Ideal and reality, these two are good at writing.
While showing the viewer the delusion of their ideal anime,
At the same time, the actual process of making animation goes on.


Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 4
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

Sometimes you have to compromise to keep your schedule.
However, even with such a compromise, they even pursue a compromise.
How can I reduce the number of drawings and earn a scale (laughs)
This work also shows us the shaku earning that we usually see in bad anime.

Make it up, scroll the background, take a picture of the sky, increase the cut of the background only, etc …
Although it is a shaku earning that you do not want to do in the actual work,
Show such a scale earner properly.
There is also a method of earning a scale and cutting the number of drawings that you have seen somewhere
This work is drawn without compromise, which is honestly interesting.

If you overdo it, the story will collapse. Shave various things at the end of the compromise.
Such compromises are still necessary for the fledgling girls.
I really want to pursue only the ideal, I don’t want to compromise.
However, in reality, there is a delivery date.

It is also necessary to abandon the handwriting commitment to keep the delivery date.
Making anime by hand is difficult. They dared to start by handwriting.
I wanted to stick to them because they knew the goodness of handwriting.
But it’s not realistic.

“I don’t care if it’s handwritten or digital.”
“Those who understand can understand!”

She also knows the goodness of handwriting that can be understood by anime lovers.
That’s why I can understand her feelings that I wanted to stick to handwriting.
How far do you compromise the ideal you pursue in the reality of making anime?

While searching for a compromise in a situation where there is no choice but to compromise
I will not give up only “the points I want to stick to here”.
This is my last intention as a creator.

The essence of this work is the collision between reality and ideal.
Ideals alone don’t make money, but
If you stop pursuing your ideals, your passion will disappear.

“It ’s not about ending or completing.
A soul-filled resignation and a calculus of compromise will come out. “

This work expresses the pain of birth with such lines.
Feeling the pain of birth and even humiliation, they deliver the “work”.

The first work they made is really amazing.
An expression of “wind” that makes the viewer feel drawn into the world of the work,
Immersive feeling by scrolling the scenery created as a result of compromise,
An action born from the pursuit of the movement of an animator who is particular about acting
At the end of the compromise, the soul of the “creator” is there.

“Anyway, next time”

Looking at the works they created, they don’t end there.
I will reconsider the points of reflection that should be utilized in the next work and try to make the next work.
This is really a creator.
The passion of the character who just said such a thing is hot and dazzling.

Giant robots are wonderful because they are fictional

The sponsors of the Imaging Labs are schools and other club activities.
Withdrawing money from such sponsors, they make anime.

“I receive money to take responsibility for my work.”

The value of money that Mr. Kanamori talks about is really wonderful.
Why do you get money and why does your job involve money?
There is a proper “style” for her.
We receive money and make something suitable for it because we received it.
It’s really cool that she tells the essence of work.

The sponsor of the second work is the Robot Research Department.
Robot lovers are annoying.
The director of the Robot Research Department, which symbolizes such annoying odor,
Full of passion. He talks about his robot love while even dripping a runny nose.

The two creators are also impressed by his passion.
They are different genres but they are each other.
While pursuing romance and the ideal robot that robot lovers pursue
Find a compromise in the robot anime you create.

The robot that was born poorly by hitting romance with romance is a little crap (laughs)
However, the dasa is irresistible.
They animate a robot born out of romance and compromise.

Division of labor

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 6
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

When it comes to episode 6, the production of the second work will be in full swing.
In the first work, they feel the limit of making by themselves.
That is why by outsourcing the part that can be “divided”,
Trying to create a higher quality animation.

I really want to do it all by myself. But that’s impossible.
That’s why, to someone who creates something as close as possible to what I imagined
Output and explain what you have drawn in your head.

However, the output is not always transmitted to the other party.
I know it’s faster to draw it myself, but I can’t say so.
It makes me feel the difficulty of making animation.

The output side may be at a loss.
However, the companion who makes it together tells her.

“Everyone is doing their best to get closer to what you have instructed,
Because I expect you to imagine something good.
But if the finished product isn’t funny, you’re responsible
You are the director. “

Mr. Kanamori’s straight, pure and believing in her pierces the lines.

Why pursue

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 1
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

Mizusaki Swallow is an animator who pursues movement in animation.
With animation, she pursues human movement.
Why is she so particular about movement?
In episode 7, such a story is drawn.

I’ve loved seeing “human movements” since childhood, observing,
I made it into a picture and pursued movement.
It can be said that you are obsessed with the beauty and fun of movement.
The movements you like, the movements you find fun, the movements you find beautiful
She wants to express it in a medium called animation.

Even in a scene where others think “Is this okay?”
She pursues “I want to make it better.”
She is pursuing expressions that are too detailed to convey to those who understand.
Because it is an animation that is made with everything different from the live-action film
She has a strong, strong commitment.

“For those who are impressed by each movement,
I have to say I’m here. “

Her straightforward ideals and passion as a creator stimulate the lacrimal glands.
Such a girlfriend was not allowed by her parents to make her own animation.
However, in episode 8, she asks her parents to see the work she created.

Animation is the acting of an animator.
Her feelings are conveyed to her parents who wanted her to become an actress.
Through “animation”, her ability and feelings as an artist
It is transmitted to parents who are the same artist.

Let’s sell DVDs, you guys!

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 9
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

They will review the “profit structure” at the end of the game (laughs)
It’s more like running an animation production company than club activities.
If you make an animation for other club activities, the right is not in the Institute of Imaging Sciences and the profit is small.
In terms of hourly wages, I work for 1.8 million yen, but in reality it is just under 20,000.

That’s why, instead of making a sponsored anime
Make an original animation without a sponsor.
I want the production companies in the world to follow suit.
I think that Mr. Kanamori’s management philosophy will reduce drinking.
Make effective use of SNS and do anything.

It has a past. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve found fun in making money.
However, the shop I loved collapses.
Sometimes customers can’t keep up even though they come. In childhood
She knows “reality”. Customers do not come to shops that no one knows.
Her present is because of her childhood experience.

The character cat has been sufficiently copied from the beginning.
However, there is a development that digs deeper into such a sufficient character cat photo at the end of the game.
Being solid makes them more attached.

Mr. Asakusa and Mr. Kanamori

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 9
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

Mr. Asakusa, who is not good at socializing, and Mr. Kanamori, who is aware of the profit and loss account.
The encounter between these two people is drawn at the end.
The past of two people who know each other is an episode that seems to be two people.
A symbiotic relationship born from the compulsion from the teacher because of me.

“We are friends, not friends.”

They dare not use the word friend.
Relationships that are deeper than friends are different from friendship, lily, and affection.
Undoubtedly a “friend”. Because they trust each other
You can leave each other to each other.

Even if you finish it perfectly …

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 12
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

In the final episode, they did their job perfectly.
The story, direction, and animation are all convincing.
The delivery date was also in time. However, one mistake destroys the whole work.

The music doesn’t fit.
It’s the worst in a sense. There is only music with a different atmosphere.
Still, they never give up. Trust your friends, cooperate with them, and survive with them.

However, the finished product is subtle to say the least.
There are 3 animations made in 1 cool, but both of them were exciting.
Even though there were restrictions, they desperately created it, and it was a work that made them feel it.
However, the third work is in a hurry to be re-edited to match the music.

It seems that it really resonates with the subtleties of the work
It is a very delicate work that makes you feel the subtlety.
But that’s fine.

“There is still room for improvement.”

Their animation production is about to begin. Yes, there is room for improvement.
There is room for reflection. That is why I want to make something that is convincing without compromise next time.
One course ends while biting her passion.


General comment: This is anime making!

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 2
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

Overall it was a great work.
Focusing on “animation production”, for such “animation production”
Two people who are passionate and one who supports them.
The story of the three “Keep Your Hands Off” is firmly in this work.

The animation directed by “Masaaki Yuasa” is also a stone’s throw.
The ideal anime they imagine in their heads, such an ideal anime
By showing it as an animation as it is ideal,
Make viewers aware of the perfect anime they think of,
In order to make the perfect animation, we output from imagination and make an animation called reality.

Anime is free. Movements that humans cannot do, things that do not really exist, an unknown world.
You can draw anything, which is why it is an anime that seems to be free and interesting in your imagination.
However, it is not always possible to output the work as ideal.
The pain of such birth, sometimes we have to compromise.
While drawing such hardships, they move forward and pursue their own expressions.

Each of them is attractive.
Mr. Asakusa, a director who wants to express the world view he imagined,
Mr. Mizusaki, an animator who wants to pursue the fun of movement,
Sometimes pushing these two creators back, sometimes holding them back,
Mr. Kanamori, a producer who allows creators to do their best work.

What do the three people want and what they want to do in “animation production”?
There is a story for each person, and that is the story of three people.
It’s a straightforward, free and comfortable story.

I want to see more of the works they make, I want to see more of their stories.
It was a work that made me feel that way.

Personal impression: It was interesting

Image source: Don’t touch the video lab! From episode 12
© 2020 Sumitomo Daido/Shogakukan/”Iken Lab” Production Committee

Although the last was a little moody,
Stories, characters, animations, music, voice actors.
All of them were really “interesting” works.

Unless you have a habit of character design or someone who “likes anime” in the first place
The general unacceptableness that this fun will not be transmitted
The more I like anime, the more I feel it, the more this work pierces.
It’s a work that nods to each character’s lines.

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