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Don’t miss these beautiful paper art by Ayumi Shibata 3 minutes to read


Ayumi Shibata is a Japanese paper cut artist and installation artist. Her favorite material is white paper.

“Museum Mile Book”

With only a few dozen thin layers of paper, this artist can completely create beautiful works of art, hiding new artistic concepts.

“In the Jar Corridors of Time”

Ayumi’s works are diverse, stretching from large-scale complex cities as well as lovely miniature houses, clouds and forests full of trees illuminated in glass vases. Ayumi’s creative view is based on the Japanese word “kami” – which translates as paper but also means god, god as well as spirit, as she considers the relationship between man and nature. show in your own works.

“Forest of Kami
“Forest of Kami
“Volcano Book”

“The world of paper in glass jars represents a microscopic world, that is in our humans, the Earth, the Universe and the different dimensions of space. The arrangement of the life-size forest represents the macroscopic world, beyond our own universe and unknown worlds, “she said.

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Editor: Nam Vu

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